1. Manray sporting the red castle wars armour

  2. They know you mean no harm… they’re just a bit racist is all

  3. counter point post dream mentor:

    “what are you doing here Fremen-?!”

    “whoops sorry wrong bank stall”

    “understandable have a good day”

  4. Free teleport to the ship to start Vorkath again!

  5. ITT: peasants who haven’t got the Fremmy Elite diary

  6. I just noticed with this meme that in the first panel, that’s just a picture of a guy wearing the glove, like a real hand in a real glove, on top of the animated background.

  7. Lunar Isle bankers with dementia smh

  8. Jagex explain this in-game lore inaccuracy. We need answers to this racism.

  9. Hi, I…

  10. Can’t you click on the bank booth instead of the banker to avoid the dialogue? It’s been a while since I’ve been on an account without fremmenik elite

  11. dont pick on me….

  12. The things I’d do to be his step-fremennik…

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