1. She looks great in your style! I love the combination of her pre skip longer hair and post skip new outfit. Hoping we get something similar to this in the game!

  2. I’m so excited for 3Hopes that I (fan)designed Ingrid for the game. I hope she’ll be there!

    I’m also on [twitter](https://twitter.com/feliahanakata) where I post mostly art~

  3. Good Ingrid art is good.

  4. The braid is back, boys

  5. Now this looks incredible. A simple tweak but has a great result.

  6. Looking fly

  7. Fire Emblem has made me weak to wing clips (thanks Cordelia) so I love it on her

  8. She looks amazing, and I love how her armour offers more protection.

  9. I was not prepared for this 😍

  10. That’s a good hybrid of her two designs.

  11. Wow you did a great job!

  12. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss

  13. This looks amazing!

  14. Oh man, this design really works.

    I really hope Felix, Ingrid, and Sylvain make it to the roster of playable characters. I know Dedue is probably already going to be in the game, which will give the Deers five characters. But I love the quad-friendship between Dimitri, Felix, Ingrid, and Sylvain.

  15. Oh man, just had an idea… I’d love to use this picture for the art on an Anna’s Roundtable card. That’s the fan game made by Brother Ming Games. I don’t mind the Ingrid art on her card, but this would still be a big improvement.

  16. Flying Queen of Racismheim

  17. [deleted]

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