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    unstable_starperson March 30, 2022 at 12:42 am

    How many more signs does society need before they finally wake up to the truth about these video g*mes?!?!!!!!?! I mean this is in your face nazism!!! I fear for our country when this generation is too stupid to clean up their act even when the truth is slapping them in the face like this!! May our lord guide us to a world free from satans grasp and free of these gd video g*mes! -Kevin

    -Sent from my Wonder Bible

  2. Lmfao u guys r creative

  3. a wise people indeed

  4. We just don’t give a shit, glory to sirin and let the void reign!

  5. I can confirm. I play clash of clans and the clan chat can get very racist

  6. google translate always translates stuff wierd

  7. You people have mashed potatoes for brains.

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