1. Why does this feel both in and out of character for Alphys

  2. This seems so stupid

    I love it

  3. I could’ve sworn someone already made this an AU.

  4. A HUMAN





    Another WARRIOR


    I don’t know what MONSTER KID does.


    Their TEACHER


    Together they will close the DARK FOUNTAINS

    And banish the ANGEL’S HEAVEN

    No not you a different ANGEL. Okay fine you can be a SORCERER. SORCERESS, sure.

    Fine we can swap WITCH for WARLOCK if it’s really such a big deal.

    I don’t know what a PALADIN is meant to be, Berdly, sorry?

    Look I don’t know why HUMAN is a class either okay but that one was in the book!

  5. Cus everyone’s crammed into the closet, everyone gets to Ralsei at different times and sets out on their own journeys through the Dark World. Berdly ends up looking for secrets, and while everyone else is going through the Castle he’s getting beat down by Jevil. Jockington ends up winning Spade King over and seals the fountain.

  6. Everyone’s thinking about the entire class fighting the bosses, but what if the classmates WERE the bosses

  7. teacher’s pet ralsei

  8. Seems about right

  9. If Alphys were my old biology teacher, she’d have walked out in the middle of telling us something to go get the chalk herself, fallen into the Dark World, then come back hours later to finish what she was saying.

  10. The Delta Warriors! Plus their cannon fodder. Er, entourage.

  11. “Class today we’re beating the shit out of King”

    Kid named King:😭

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    Memegamer3_Animated March 29, 2022 at 4:07 pm

    “What the heck, let’s all go get the chalk!”

    Famous last words

  13. A deltarune rts with all the students would rock

  14. This would make jevil and spamton neo significantly easier given if they stuck together the whole time

  15. Kris: Why?
    Alphys: Because fucc school.

  16. Lmao this would probably be my fav AU

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    OddlyOddLucidDreamer March 29, 2022 at 4:07 pm

    Alphys would appear inside a mecha that looks like Mew Mew

    **mark my words**

  18. A monster, another monster, another monster, another monster, another monster, another monster, another monster, another monster, another monster, a human, and a prince of the Dark

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    Singersongwriterart March 29, 2022 at 4:07 pm

    This is iconic

  20. It seems I’ll be in for a very strange situation

  21. “Can… can you all be my new Lightner friends?”



    “Are you a goat demon?”

    “I don’t have time for non-gamer beta cucks”

    Lancer: oh skittles, they brought an army

  22. who can draw everyone falling down the closet??

  23. The Magic School Bus: Deltarune Edition

  24. I made friends with jockington

  25. Bread 🍞

  26. That’s not the heroes of the prophecy

  27. why did I read that shit as “clusterfuck”…

  28. the most weird route, where the entire school is killed

  29. In reality, Ralsei would probably already know their:

    Full name

    Profession / hobbies


    Credit card information (if they have one)

    Mother’s maiden name

    Their favorite kind of cheese


    Friendly reminder that Kris and Susie never had to introduce themselves to Ralsei.

  30. [A human, a monster, then Gandalf the gray…](https://youtu.be/TMhiIT8WOmc)

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    charisma-entertainer March 29, 2022 at 4:07 pm

    This is a AU where after hearing the story of legend everyone immediately splits. Berdly drags Noelle away after lancer, Susie goes alone to get to the fountain, jockington and catti are there to find out more about this “dark world” (mostly catti), and MK with snow(y)drake do random tjings in this fun new world. Kris is left alone with ralsei and possibly alphys. If alphys doesn’t stay however it’s probably to calm everyone down and look for them all. Temmie is appearing at random everywhere like lancer

  32. Ralsei, having a panic attack: “There are like 12 Monsters in here, *Which one is the one from the prophecy??!?!!*”

  33. I’ll adopt!

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