1. You shut your mouth. This is amazing.

  2. Take this shit to r/battlecars and rejoice!!

  3. I know this guy, he’s from Bradford county. That binmer is on an S-10 frame with a SBC. That thing rips.

  4. Can we just rename this sub to something like r/interesting_car_mods or r/questionable_car_mods?

  5. Got a laugh. Isn’t the “i” for EFI? I wonder if the 350 is just a TBI.

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    IronGuardLegionaire March 29, 2022 at 11:46 pm

    awesome car mod. If I had a rusted shell of a bimmer Id be doing goofy shit like this too

  7. John is a cool dude. Need a tow? Hit him up

  8. Clarkson needs to send a cease and desist letter to this man, the Excellent is his pride and joy.

  9. Can I have some car with my wheels please?

  10. Why by a tow when you can just tow

  11. Is that you uncle Scott?

  12. Yeah, doesn’t belong in here.

  13. r/AwesomeCarMods

  14. Seen this car at a boat ramp this past weekend!

  15. This would totally be me if I still lived in Florida

  16. This is a solid idea. why off road in a suv when you can get a car and have a better center of gravity

  17. See his trailer has a proper winch so that if he breaks down, he can load himself up on the trailer, then anyone with a hitch can get him home. Genius.

  18. Well when you have a titled car but the deal on the truck frame is too good to pass up, you buy it. Then one night your drinking with our buddies and your trying to come up with ways to get it on the road and someone says why don’t you use the cars vin and registration, this is what you get

  19. Half this sub is just lifted cars at this point.

  20. I’m not even upset. This is amazing and can think of 50 things I would immediately do while driving it.

  21. That’s dope

  22. I feel like just a little bit less with the lift and more normal knobby 35s this would actually be kinda cool.

  23. How did they do that, raise it so high?

  24. I think it’s cool but man I bet it drives like a brick and the interior noise is probably unbearable just riding down the street.

  25. That’s actually the 357i Raptor. You get the premium sound system and the skid plate in the Raptor trim.

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