1. For a second I thought this was posted in “made me smile” because so many stories like these are in there… yes made me happy about the fact the team etc helped him, but boy how is the american system so fucked up like this

  2. Title says it all this man was in desperate need of mental health services but because the support system in this country is broken he had to have his former team sign him in in order to get basic services

  3. We’re never getting access to healthcare we already pay for. Even during a pandemic…

  4. I wonder if they had to pay him league minimum. Salary is like 500-700k I think

  5. “arrested”

    “found sleeping”

  6. Ooo, now do all of the US

  7. How generous

  8. *Eastbound and Down music plays*

  9. He went from MC ride to MC voyage

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