1. You can even gift bomb a cat to win its trust, which is the easiest rapport in the game. Good luck winning over a cat’s trust irl, definitely harder than humans.

  2. OP clearly has never given a woman 300 potatoes or he would know that it works.
    Virgin confirmed.

  3. We talking yukon golds here?

  4. It would have taken only 1 potato in 1840s Ireland.

  5. what anime is that second image from? need to know for research

  6. Oh no , where ?

  7. Was used to every rapport quest giver sending you on your merry way to fu** off land without too much fuss, until I got to Arthetine and maxed out the rapport marked with a heart

  8. 300 Potatoes? Just give em a couple pieces of honey toast

  9. Is this what they call Love bombing?
    Very problematic game.
    I’m shaking my head.

  10. i would be happy with 300 potatoes irl tbh 😀 you can get me at least friendly 2

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