1. Activision be like: no.

  2. wonder what will cod as a whole look like after a year or two when Microsoft will be 100% in charge
    One can hope they could Fix this Shithole

  3. I wanna play CoD:MW Multiplayer so much but Im not going to give away 80Gigs of my storage for nothing… Its the reason why it sits in library and probably never get downloaded ever again 🙁

  4. How about keep every other game that is NOT the game I paid for out of it? Last COD I bought was Modern Warfare, and I’m tired of the two last games and Warzone being the menu options before Modern Warfare. I will NEVER buy those two crap heaps.

  5. Lol, there actually has to be a community of “Cold War players” for Activision to fuck with first.

  6. Amen.

  7. War zone was never the problem, the problem was when they started merging games together.

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    Individual_Check2787 March 29, 2022 at 8:28 pm

    I only buy COD for the campaign the multiplayer has gone to shit

  9. I just miss the days where it wasn’t 300gb just to hop on multiplayer

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    Classiccarsaregreat4 March 29, 2022 at 8:28 pm

    the idiots at respawn……….i mean “infinity ward” said they are going to make warzone 2 apart of mw2 2022 so get ready for another glitchy and buggy mess.

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    HomelessSantaClaus March 29, 2022 at 8:28 pm

    I refuse to ever play Warzone as long as it’s a required install.

  12. Yup pretty much every simp out there. Screams and acts all billy badass but sticks around while your wife *activision* fucks other guys.

  13. Let me tell you a joke… A pedophile slaps a crackhead…..

  14. I didn’t ever like warzone much but now i don’t even want to try it again because of the weird weapons

  15. Warzone was a nice addition to mw in my opinion. Just a nice little gamemode you can play with your friends who did not fully own mw, and being able to still level while playing. The downfall of that game was shortly after cold war was added. They focused on warzone way to much and left mw in the dust over time.

    I hate cold war for that reason. Bringing the most broken guns into warzone and a plethora of bugs. I miss old warzone and I miss mw. They ruined mw just so they could focus on their money grab they call a fucking game (warzone).

    I just missed when every game dev gave a fuck about their games. Halo is getting ruined, resident evil nearly got fucked over. Its happening to cod, battlefield, any game from EA, happened to gta around 3 years ago.

    Gaming will never be the same, sucks to say but even happened to fortnite lol.

  16. Wait, they’re moving the install from mw 2019 to cw? Or is it going to be in both now?

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