1. This may be a hot take but the Abrahamic religions are built on a strictly patriarchal bronze-age foundation. That is their longevity IMO along with the fact that they prohibit the worship of any other god/s (which meant they displace or subsume local belief systems where conflict exists).

    The idea that gender is a spectrum and that men and women are not discreet divinely ordained separate classes of human but rather ranges on a spectrum threatens the strict hierarchies that those religions are built on.

    It’s why the backlash is so severe, many people who are brought up religiously are taught that male/female were created separately (with Eve being a “product” of Adam). The gender inequality is baked in.

  2. Yeshua struggling to understand why they changed his name in translations when other people got the pass

  3. christians should really figure out which blood covenant they are supposed to follow.

    is it the insane desert god who demanded you dont eat shrimp?

    or is it the chill hippie god who said love each other?

    bc they cant seem to keep it straight and its kinda an important plot point that the latter overwrites the former.

  4. The point of Abrahimic religions is: God has a plan, don’t question how things are. Just be a good person and everything will work out, in this life or the next.

    This is obviously very useful pre-industrialization, when monarchs needed a justification for why they should rule. This with the backdrop of vast inequality. It’s easy to keep serfs as serfs when they’re convinced this is their god-given destiny to work until they die, and will be rewarded in Heaven.

    Trans people saying they were born with the wrong body can be interpreted as saying that God made a mistake. The Abrahimic solution to being trans is to just suffer, so you can go to heaven. Also, if someone can become a man, then how could men be better than women?

  5. I noticed something with the last string of “conservative leader said this shocking thing” posts that they are working really hard to make sure transgender is associated with sexual assault and kids. It’s a great trick to get their base wound up cause who doesn’t want to protect kids? Obviously their takes on it are horseshit or cherry-picked.

    I believe they are spinning the idea that we want people to believe they don’t have to be their assigned gender at birth; that we have a choice. Of course once you tell that to a teen who is already questioning their gender then all the sudden that’s “the trans community tainting our children with deplorable sex things,” to them.

  6. Written by “the Chaser”. Good try, chaser… Goooood try.

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    HarleyArchibaldLeon March 29, 2022 at 10:42 pm

    Unrelated but this reminds me of a scene in the Hellsing Abridge series when a lesbian character (within the parody, although the actual show leave it open ended) said: “The Bible said a MAN should not lay with a MAN as he would a woman.”

    But on a serious note, they probably just hate trans people because transitioning is seen as an abnormal act (ruining God’s given body or something along those antivax lines), within the context of this meme, of course.

  8. it’s an abnormality and therefore there must be some part in the Bible that said it’s okay to attack them

  9. It’s the same problem that causes people to be homophobic. Self-repression and self-hatred expressed outwardly as cover so they don’t have to deal with more complicated feelings.

  10. They were conditioned young to see us kinds of people as an outgroup they are allowed to exert supremacy over. It grants them feelings of power and self esteem and when done together is a bonding excercise for notoriously emotionally repressed people.

    As for the morality of their aggression, which they frame as defence of the “family” or “faith” or “culture” or “way of life”, they have already been assured of their moral superiority over us because they have been taught that we are lesser or aberrant and therefore deserve punishment.

    They are also entitled enough to think *they* should be able to inflict personal punishments or have the law punish us on their behalf.

    These people are taught to take perverse joy in sadism and to use the name of God to inflict hurt.

  11. They don’t give a shit about jesus, they use religion like a weapon.

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  14. The stick: Fear of otherness.

    The carrot: Community of hate.

  15. It’s just too easy

  16. Honestly it was probably in that same sermon that said being LGBTQ was a sin, that you need a million guns, make sure to horde your money, and ignore all of his teaching about helping foreigners and immigrants…than after the sermon he performed a miracle and turned himself into a European White man who proclaimed the greatness of America…

    Sarcasm for anyone who cannot tell

  17. Isn’t the whole point of Christianity and jesus love and forgiveness

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