1. Grapple onto its back and play attack on titan music

  2. Use the drill arm and just grind em up

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    upsidedownbackwards March 30, 2022 at 12:45 am

    One of the ghost leviathons in the lost river finally ticked me off bad enough to park the cyclops and stomp back angry in my prawn. Had a few healthy scraps with it before I started to feel bad. It got stuck while trying to run away from me and it just looked so sad.

    Went back to my cyclops and left it be. I wish I hadn’t done it at all because it made me much less afraid of them. That took some fun out of the game.

  4. No Florida man uses his knife and no stasis rifle

  5. You are no god. I have the heads of countless leviathans mounted above my fireplace that I tore from their deplorable spines with nothing more than a thermo knife. You merely wander this cold galaxy because i allow it.

  6. Sea Dragon Leviathan: you saying something

  7. I suppose no one else likes chillin with em

  8. Wait, so you can grapple it’s head (only place I know to attack) and just grind the brains away?!?

  9. The devs don’t want you to know but fauna isn’t actually scary and dangerous and you can easily dodge their attacks with a seaglide, I have killed 2 squidcrabs and 1 reaper

  10. I got confused because I though I was on r/Titanfall and I wondered how tr you kill a reaper with a prawn

  11. i really wanted to play subnautica, but always got stuck at a certain point because i was very scared of the open water and leviathans, so i of course decided to solve it the only way that made sense: i farmed lockers full of gas pods, grabbed a stasis rifle and a buttload of batteries, then went around the map and killed every adult and juvenile ghost leviathan and most reapers. it was a lot more fun than it should’ve been lmao

  12. That also happens when you melee a reaper to death in Titanfall 2 multiplayer while running away from 2 ronins chasing you at the speed of light and managing to kill the 2 ronins solo

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