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    SignificantHippo8193 March 29, 2022 at 11:36 pm

    This is literally the first sentence of her autobiography.

  2. What layer of irony are we on?

  3. that’s my entire life and personality explained in one sentence

  4. I had a dream i kicked a justice burger, I’d say my brain has gone deep enough

  5. No regrets now

  6. What even is a limit in the ways of science?

  7. I swear Cave Johnson was Loremaster’s inspiration

  8. I mean that’s literally how she overthrew Lucifer

  9. The worst part about my reddit profile is that my username is a spoiler for one of the most popular pieces of media of all time.

  10. What is this?

  11. How do we get out of this hole we dug? I know! We’ll dig our way out!

  12. I mean..YOLOOOOO

  13. When you’re 20 pages into a fucked up hentai doujin.


  15. _Deeper is her strong suit_

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