+15001 The Zaouli, a traditional dance from…

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2022-03-29 04:56:57

+15001 – The Zaouli, a traditional dance from central Ivory Coast, West Africa, is known as one of the most complicated dances in the world. Paired with a colorful dress and mask, dancers move their bare feet fast.

The Zaouli, a traditional dance from central Ivory Coast, West Africa, is known as one of the most complicated dances in the world. Paired with a colorful dress and mask, dancers move their bare feet fast. from Damnthatsinteresting

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  1. it looks like the torso isn’t even moving just the legs make it look like the body is levitating

  2. Man’s calf’s gotta be on fire

  3. They’re damn fast. especially with the heavy costume.

  4. some people are just made out of springs

  5. I hope the tradition does not die out.

  6. I lived here for a while, when the masked ‘poro’ dancers would parade down the street, we women had to take other streets as we weren’t allowed to see them. This feels so bizarre to watch now, like I’m breaking a rule.

  7. I developed shin splints just by watching this video…

  8. Worst upstairs neighbor ever.

  9. While on the topic of fantastic ethnic dances. Have you guys hear of the Georgian Dance? It’s gravity defying and they even sword fight.


  10. How I look watching my food cook in the microwave

  11. This is extremely beautiful, but I’m very skeptical that this is “one of the most complicated dances in the world”.

    In Bali, for example, they have dances which use not just the feet and hands, but the fingers, the face and the eyes, and each gestures no matter how slight has a meaning, and there are multiple participants telling a long, complicated story from mythology.

    The same is true in the Indian classical dance called Bharatanatyam and many others.

    Also, [searching](https://www.google.com/search?q=zaouli+dance+complicated&rlz=1C5CHFA_enNL800NL800&oq=zaouli+dance+complicated&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60.5273j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8) didn’t find anyone who knows about dance claiming this.

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    Idliketothinkimsmart March 29, 2022 at 11:46 am

    Damn he getting sturdy 🥶

  13. I mean it looks super difficult to do but it looks pretty straight forward, just very hard to actually do.

  14. I was listening to drill music while I scrolled past this. It fitted very well.

  15. My knees and ankles hurt just looking at this

  16. Upstairs neighbor at 3 am

  17. African dance, in general, is designed to be inclusive and not necessarily complicated. I see that in this clip too. There’s a nominal athleticism and nimbleness needed to execute it as well as the dancer in the clip, but it’s not complex. On the other hand, the southern Indian classical dance of Bharat Natyam – now that’s not meant for the average Joe. But it’s not a question of comparison – a dance form isn’t better because it’s complex – they’re all different and that’s what makes dance, and music, beautiful.

  18. Love the aesthetics and their culture but this is far from the “most complicated dance”… The moonwalk alone still has people confused on how it works after 40 something years of being known.

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    Representative-Dirt2 March 29, 2022 at 11:46 am

    Blessings to All of Africa.

  20. I do the same dance when I see a spider in my house.

  21. Mute, and watch while listening to PsyTrance

  22. This reminds me of swing dance moves to an extent, with the waving of the feet. I want to try this at some point, my calves are fucking meat chunks.

  23. Bro I felt MY thighs getting tired five seconds in

  24. If you think this is impressive, look up Chicago footwork. Them boys put this dude to shame.

  25. Most complicated dance in the world ? My upstairs neighbors seem to be able to do it just fine, though!

  26. These titles haha. Always starting out like a historian and then ending it like a five year old

  27. Is there any significance to the mask and costume? For example, is there some story or mythos behind it?

  28. Skip rope world champion

  29. Their torso is actually a giant spring.

  30. I do that same dance waiting for the bathroom to open up.

  31. I got a thing in an antiques job lot that’s like a wooden carved human figure with a long plume of horse hairs coming from the bottom, I could never figure out what it was. Only just now realising he’s holding one in each hand.

  32. Blood and crip walks ain’t got shit on this guy.

  33. r/tippytaps

  34. His legs move as if independent from his body

  35. Soulja Boy gonna say he did it first…

  36. How I think I am dancing at the rave.

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    Putrid_Discount2157 March 29, 2022 at 11:46 am

    Looks like the guy with no rhythm at the club …

  38. One of the most complicated dance in the world?

    I’m not so sure. Ballet, breakdancing, hip hop, rnb, jazz looks a lot more complicated than this. A LOT

  39. It’s definitely impressive , but it didn’t look that complicated?

  40. The top of half of his body is really stable considering the speed of his lower half

  41. Watching this awesome video and all I am saying is wow, wow, wow,
    Magnificent music, costumes and dancing.
    Purple guy is the bomb.

  42. I’ve done a similar dance when walking barefoot down my street in the summer.

  43. Wonder how many years of training it takes to be this good

  44. Grape Street 🍇

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