1. You absolutely crushed it nice job

  2. Nailed it. This looks phenomenal, and I’m sure your cousin will love it!

  3. can you be my cousin?


  5. Aw that’s amazing 😀

  6. > 3.07.2021

    Was that the wedding date or something else?

  7. Fucking happiness time is amazing

  8. So cool!!

  9. It’s Wedding Time

  10. I gotta watch adventure time again

  11. Reply
    Low_Calligrapher_771 March 29, 2022 at 11:38 pm

    Do you do commissions? 🥺

  12. Love in the cosmos

  13. I usually dont comment on art but wow, you absolutely grabbed the essence of the artstyle of adventure time, and added your own twist and made an incredible piece of art. This is insane!

  14. Looks awesome, love the dog!

  15. This is so cute!!! Awesome job!!

  16. This is amazing, also where do I submit my application to become your cousin?

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