1. If Orochimaru actually killed them?

    Orochimaru will take the Rinnegan of Nagato… Madara’s Plan failed GG… Obito would be 8 or smh at this time so yea he was not the part of Tsuki no Me…

    Things can be different if Madara had some Zetsu always having their eyes on Nagato…

  2. Orochimaru was the real hero just not strong enough , proof

    Tried killing founders of akatsuki

    Tried killing sasuke before he becomes terrorist

    Tried taking over hokage position cause third is causing problems : allowed danzo to live despite assassination attempt and danzo causing problems left and right

    Wanted to destroy/hated akatsuki

    Prevented 5 nations from losing by sealing 1st 3 hokage (imagine if madara and hashirama were together)

  3. Orochimaru is the ultimately antihero.

    He does the terrible things that need to be done to drive the plot forward. The village always tried stopping him like in this scene so he had to defect.

  4. Finna make Nagato rinnegone

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    Adventurous-Union-28 March 29, 2022 at 9:17 pm

    And then proceeds to join their organization years later

  6. Orochimaru is always right. Wonder if Mitsuki is gonna be like him

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    whip0already_read-it March 29, 2022 at 9:17 pm

    Lesson learned if a snake asks you if he can kill a paper pain and a kid with weird eyes say yes

  8. Nah because imagine how much Zetsu was sweating during this moment

  9. I think contextually, they had just finished getting their ass handed to them by Hanzo, so they were really on edge. Tsunade almost murdered Konan for pulling out the flower. Child soldiers are obviously common in this world too, so they didn’t want to rule them out as enemies.

  10. If he tried, they might’ve been killed by Nagato

  11. Considering how Orochimaru usually treats those weaker than him and how exhausted they all were, this was probably the Snake trying for kindness for once.

    This is likely the era when he was at his closest to his healthier in the head teammates – and they to him, what with dehumanization of war. It’s likely his simulated moral compass was at its peak function.

    I’m referring to the fact, that human brains are so good at simulating other human brains, that they can simulate the parts they actually lack. So to “housebreak” an antisocial psycho, train them to ask themselves “what would my mom/sibling/friend do in this situation?” and that would actually work fine as a moral compass.

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