1. Dude is so stupid considering a video camera is right there in front of his face 😑

  2. Like dude, have some situational awareness. The camera is literally staring you in the face. How hungry do you have to be to be this stupid.

  3. The uber eats your food.

    Its in the name.

  4. It’s always the new dumb drivers who think they can beat the system. “I’ll take the picture then take it. I can’t believe no one else has thought of this”

  5. This is one reason I hate the current tipping system. It should be a post-service payment. If someone does a bad job, they shouldn’t receive a gratuity.

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    _Iforgotmyusername_ March 29, 2022 at 11:15 pm

    I deliver food and stealing food ain’t even a option. I try to be as poise as possible so I don’t end up on here

  7. If anyone is curious – Yes, I did tip. I generally set my tips to $5 per delivery.

  8. This man gives zero fucks.

  9. Yeah I do Uber and Uber Eats. I always bring a lunch out with me. Never know where I’m going or if I’ll have time to sit and eat it. Dude is giving the rest of us a bad rap.

  10. I don’t have one of these NEST doorbell cameras… are they invisible?

  11. Don’t they ring the door bell in the US?

  12. I work at a hospital where there are cameras everywhere and I’ve still seen this happen a couple times.

  13. r/byebyejob

  14. What the actual fuck was the point of doing that? See, with doordash, they pay out instantly after you complete your dash for the hour, half hour 2 hours whatever you are on for. AFter you finish up. You get paid. So why not just do a few deliveries and grab some food after, then continue….. Fuckin idiots man. Seriously. What the actual fuck

  15. is there a report system where you can submit this video and atleast get the dude fired?

  16. Domino pizza delivery stole two pieces of my buffalo chicken once.

  17. Imagine the tomfuckery when there aren’t cameras …their word against his, how many times did the company take his side?

  18. Do they really be that hungry

  19. And after getting enough complaints, and getting deactivated, he will go into a FB Uber Eats group and bitch about getting deactivated for no reason.

  20. Some people must really hate their job.

  21. This is why I always meet them at the door. Once I see them coming down my street on the map. I’m at the door

  22. What a fuc king Neanderthal

  23. Its almost as if hiring random strangers for micro-services was a bad idea

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    TheRealJackReynolds March 29, 2022 at 11:15 pm

    He came all the way up and stole it! Mine just drove by and said they delivered it.

  25. Ubereats is garbageee

  26. Stopped ordering food to go because of this. It’s so constant and takes forever to get a refund and I end being more hangry than ever.

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    AcanthocephalaWild24 March 29, 2022 at 11:15 pm

    Did he at least get in trouble? What a idiot jackass

  28. Why wait till he was at your place to eat it 😂

  29. Sorry if it’s stupid but do they have to leave the food at doorstep without handling to the customer.

    Other than porch pirates don’t the food attracts animals

  30. As the Police drive by at 0:36 LOL

  31. I heard that more that 50% of Uber Eats driver’s sample the food, don’t know if that’s true…

  32. I think most of these thieves still think they live in the 70’s.

  33. These people are capable of commuting any crime or immoral act if the opportunity should arise.

  34. Former* UberEats driver

  35. I wonder if u get felony for steeling

  36. I’m weak he actually took the picture first too 😂😂😂

  37. I’m so weird I can’t eat other peoples food. I don’t want it. I want what I like. Wtf is wrong with people?

  38. That house is on a highway

  39. Please tell me this turd was fired.

  40. Just tells you how well paid these people really are.

  41. I bet he still forgot napkins.

  42. And then UberEats support tells you there’s nothing they can do but will offer $1.46 for the hassle.

  43. Times are tough

  44. Chances are you didn’t tip scumbag

  45. Uber literally eats..

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    Illustrious_Cut_2944 March 29, 2022 at 11:15 pm

    What a ballsy scumbag. The fuck?

  47. Bald and white – check

    Overweight and dumpy – check

    Goatee – check

  48. so hungry he forgot to look up and see the NEST camera 😆

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