1. And it’s such an intimidating room to be in… Especially if you’re telling jokes about people’s girlfriends… Or wives.

  2. Gervais did Leo better.

  3. Joking about Leo’s penchant for younger models is far from an original idea, so it’s not like the tweeter had really struck gold here either.

  4. Stolen or not, I just don’t find her funny. Even her delivery of this joke just kind of falls flat.

  5. The awards shows write all these jokes, not the presenters.

  6. I’m confused about why this is Amy’s fault? She didn’t write these jokes…? Doesn’t the show have a bunch of writers who do this shit??

  7. She raped a man and sexually abused another, I don’t get why she is working.

  8. I’m less upset about the joke maybe being stolen and more that she can’t just live with applause. She always fucking explains her joke, it happened like 3 times in the beginning of the show alone.

    If her jokes were just stolen and unfunny thats fine. But then dissecting them while the crowd is laughing really is the cherry on the shit sundae

  9. Idk I feel like two people could independently arrive at that joke. How would one find that tweet?

  10. The biggest joke is her career.

  11. Maybe she did steal jokes in the past but honestly how many times have you thought up something only to find someone on Twitter or in a comments section already said it? I think this is the same thing tbh. That Leo joke is like the 4th iteration I’ve seen on tv, it writes itself. Also basically all of the comedians who host the Oscar’s tell middling fucking tedious jokes, not just her. But you guys don’t give a shit cos fuck her specifically right?

    This site is such a massive bandwagon it’s ridiculous. I haven’t seen this woman on tv in years, and you guys all have the same tedious, boring opinion about her. It’s almost like you stole it from someone else.

  12. Why is everyone out to get Amy? I mean I also don’t find her funny but I don’t watch her. It’s not like I actively try to shit on her

  13. Do you know she wrote it for the show? They usually hire writers.

  14. People wanna shit on her so this is gonna get upvotes but realistically she didn’t take this random tweet. Leo dating younger women is known.

  15. Wouldn’t it likely be someone from the actual Oscar’s show making up her jokes.

  16. It’s *always* funnier when you explain the joke….

  17. I dunno, that’s such low hanging fruit that a semi-sentient grape could have thought of it

  18. She has to steal material because, shocker, she isn’t funny when she’s using her own. Somewhat of an issue for a comedian.

  19. Amy didn’t steal any jokes, her writers did.

    However, we absolutely should be clowning her ass for looking like a real life rendition of Charlie Kirk from /r/toiletpaperusa

    Also, don’t forget she’s an admitted rapist.

  20. She’s dressed like a present because she’s that unopened gift left over from Christmas that your weird uncle gave you and you don’t want it but your mom won’t let you throw away so you keep it in your closet instead.

  21. God she is not funny at all

  22. Howd she get successful ?

  23. I mean come on. I have told that joke. Did i steal it from twitter? No? Its more than likely she never saw that tweet.

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    RepulsiveGarbage8188 March 29, 2022 at 12:10 pm

    I never understood how she got on TV, she is truly the drizzling shits

  25. Bro why is there a rapist on my recommended feed

  26. I’m sad to learn that her 30 minutes of fame didn’t end nearly a decade ago like I thought.

  27. I’m way too lazy to check if this is true.

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    Bright-Lingonberry14 March 29, 2022 at 12:10 pm

    her style of comedy is not particularly in my taste, but that’s literally what comedy is. people reuse the same jokes they’ve heard and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  29. That is far from an original joke. If you think that tweet was the first time that joke had been made you’re pretty wet behind the ears

  30. I don’t think the tweet was original either

  31. 🐽🐷

  32. It’s more than possible 2 people come up with the same joke…. Just try and make a joke up about say coffee. I guarantee you it’s been done before haha.

  33. Who the hell at the academy went „You know who‘s funny? Amy Schumer“ ???

  34. I think we can all agree that Ricky was invincible.

  35. Keep my gfs name out of your fucking mouth.

  36. Did she make the dress she’s wearing herself? It looks like some bad arts and crafts.

  37. Why was Chris Rock slapped but not her? She should’ve been kicked by now

  38. She’s so boring

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    Strict_Antelope_6893 March 29, 2022 at 12:10 pm

    I have never met a person who enjoys her ”comedy”. who the fuck is funding this?

  40. Amy Schumer is trash.

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