1. Yes chris rock I’m bald.

  2. Lack of luscious locks?

  3. Good stuff here

  4. An actual good meme

    Good job OP

  5. Yo this is funnier than it needs to be 💀

  6. Will Smith can’t take a punchline

    Chris Rock can take a punch

  7. For a second I thought it was Phoenix Wright.

  8. She was like, “My boyfriend wouldn’t let him talk to me like that.”

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    fALLOUTdANGER69420 March 29, 2022 at 1:58 pm


  10. Hairless maiden

  11. 1 hour and 6 awards already? Damn

  12. If Chris rock posts this it will be more then a slap

  13. This is way to damn funny, maybe it’s because I’m tired but I’m over here cackling like an idiot

  14. Poor demi moore is the real victim here

  15. Fresh prints

  16. Chris rock is not that lightskinned lol

  17. So I saw this made on tiktok a few hours ago, might wanna give credit next time

  18. Appreciate the honesty, props to you too

  19. Saitama: OK

    Johnny Sins: Yes

  20. I Wonder Will Smith Is A SIMP Also A CUCK

    2 Sides Of Will Smith:


    Never Insult Someone’s Hair

    Otto Apocalypse From HI3: I Give Will Smith SIMP POWER!

  21. Will Smith is about to be the fresh prince of block C

  22. When I was in high school one of my best friends had alopecia and we called him Mr. Clean or just Clean. He owned that nickname and made it cool. In a weird way it helped him fit in and made him more popular with everyone.

  23. I am bald.

  24. For half a second I thought this was Sokka

  25. i thought that was the dude from boondocks

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