1. I think they made Maddy and Cassie’s low points so different to show how much Maddy has been impacted by her “fake it till you make it” persona. Maddy is so used to putting on a face to seek tougher and in private she just can’t keep that up anymore. Cassie on the other hand is trying so hard to romanticize her life even though she knows her guilty conscious is through the roof. I think her scenes seem a lot more aesthetic and pretty because she is trying so hard to convince herself that’s how this part of her life is panning out (which as the viewer we know it isn’t, which is what makes it so uncomfy).

  2. So long story short I’m not in a good place right now so I’m trying to distract myself. I thought of this scene with Maddy and realised that actually the almost catatonic look in her eyes is very realistic. The blank, empty look where it feels like life has been paused.

    Cinematography wise, it’s also more representative of what abuse and trauma can do to someone. It’s not beautifully tragic, which is unfortunately how they portrayed THAT scene with Cassie (yall know which one).

    It’s dark and ugly and miserable. Funny enough this showed that Sam is capable of showing what non-drug related trauma looks like so I wonder why he didn’t focus more on that in season 2. In season 2 it looked more like he was focused on making Cassie look aesthetic and pretty and not what was actually happening.

  3. She’s an incredible actress!

    Her arc this season was so raw and relatable (unfortunately) and I grew to love her so much. I see pieces of my story in hers and it was really cathartic to watch

  4. The way they used the music was also genius. I would’ve never thought to put the Asian Doll song with this scene, but it works so well and it’s genius.

  5. Which scene is this? I don’t remember

  6. i’m gonna get alexa demie her vehicle for more serious roles. on god bro

  7. I love how simple this scene was. Not a super stylistic shot. Just maddy sitting with her depression. And Alexa was able to pull it off beautifully/tragically.

  8. It looks like it visually parallels/contrasts the first time she made love to Nate, when she had the babydoll on, doesn’t it?

  9. Maddy wasn’t doing well.

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    Consistent-Low-1892 March 29, 2022 at 10:30 pm

    absolutely maddy deserves better, she has had to go through a toxic relationship, where her boyfriend manipulated her and always humiliated and threatened her, he has never let her be happy, this is so painful and very important because it’s a very realistic of some relationships

  11. i’ll tell ya what, i recently rewatched the series and man, the pilot alone is chock full of great stuff. it’s been so long i had forgotten but the pilot really does have something for everybody.

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