1. Can i turn this into a poster for a map?

  2. “And some people who have somehow, stolen our products. Black mesa can eat my bankrupt a-” “Sir, the testing?”

  3. Call Cave Johnson, black Mesa steal our stuff again!!!

  4. The next test causes trace amounts of time travel…..

  5. No ponytail 0/10

  6. I love that the past one is the low poly gold source model

  7. It would be the worst thing for HL3 plot to use Borealis to timetravel and don’t let Gordon run the test.

  8. Past Gordon had a buzzcut and no glasses? Hmm…

  9. “Aw, you cut the ponytail! Sellout!”

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    Carlythememeofchaos March 29, 2022 at 10:05 pm

    Black Mesa:we don’t copy from aperture science
    Also black Mesa:

  11. Honestly time travel could be a great epilogue to the half life story.Imagine the gman transporting Gordon,Alyx, Barney,Eli and Kleiner to some Zen dimension and he’s explaining who he really is and what his intentions are and it ends with us going to black Mesa before the incident and prevent it

  12. Hold on something ain’t right

  13. Aperture Science Vibes

  14. i get it’s black mesa but i read this as cave johnson

  15. Good job, and thanks for the new phone backround

  16. I kinda feel sad now.

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