1. They better have an ambulance ready ahaha

  2. What’s Will gonna do if Mike makes a bald joke?

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    Consistent-Pay-4821 March 29, 2022 at 12:53 pm

    Chief guest : ambulance services

  4. At least he beats both men and women. Equality matters.

  5. That’s funny because he once said:
    “Social media made you all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it.”

  6. Mr . I broke my back

  7. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouf

  8. He’ll fuck Jada until Will loves him.

  9. Lmao

  10. RIP to will if he makes a bald joke

  11. I watched a video of a morning host bring up Mike’s rape charge. Mike used to get paid to punch people but guess what he didn’t do to the host?

  12. I wouldn’t even fuck with 90 year old Tyson.

  13. Honestly would be pretty fun to see him host.

    He also probably wouldn’t make fun of someone with a disorder.

  14. thehpsfphepshepshph… and thats all folks!

  15. Everybody wants to be like Mike.

  16. And no one will try him

  17. Mine out here still handsome af

  18. Fake Ali vs real Tyson wonder what the odds would be on that bet

  19. *Mike to Jada* “8 ball corner pocket”

    *Will Smith gets up, gets to stage, thinks better of it and turns around*

    “Thatsth right, bidth, you better thit back down.”

  20. u/repostsleuthbot

  21. Will smith should do the Oscars next year

  22. I wish it happens to be true.

  23. I k ow this is a joke, but damn if MT wouldn’t be the best host ever…..all the eating ears jokes would be great.

  24. Brother you stole this meme even down to the exact same title

  25. Othcarth hotht

  26. I bet there will be no daughter jokes.

  27. I’d watch it if he was involved

  28. You only get once chance with Big Mike…make it good. Luckily I played Nintendo’s “Mike Tyson’s Punchout” as a kid!

  29. As long as Buster Douglas Evander Holyfield or Lennox Lewis aren’t running up from the front row he will be ok!

  30. Thlap me I dare you

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