1. I always thought the speech bubble was cool, and made you think “chat application!”

    Now it’s just some kind of game controller or mickey mouse pants… What does it represent? Discord? And if it represents a game controller, isn’t Discord trying to be for everyone instead of just gamers now?

    (edit: In that case, it would have made more sense if it was the other way around (no speech bubble to speech bubble) but NO…)

  2. How about the old phone ui, the one it looked like the computer version but smaller.

  3. Who doesn’t

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    theblobfishreturns March 29, 2022 at 4:13 pm

    Any day, I can live with the new Clyde variant but color, font and chat bubble should have stayed.

  5. The new look has an awful font and character designs which are TOO corporate. The thing that made Discord unique is gone. I’d like the old look back, honestly.

  6. New one looks shit

  7. The new one seems as if it is not smiling as much. And the font… THAT FREAKING FONT

  8. Definitely

  9. I highkey want the old logo back

  10. I miss the old non-mainstream Discord

  11. I just want the old font. It’s the downgrade change, that is really tilting 😂

  12. Doesn’t really matter anymore, I like both in a way and atleast it didn’t get massacred like how firefox was

  13. I want whatever look results in my hearing the least about the look. This is so tiresome.

  14. I do too, especially the color, the new one still hurts my eyes

  15. im used to the new look, BUT OLD LOOK IS MUCH BETTER

  16. many people told me i was wrong for hating the redesign and that it’ll grow on me.

    you know what, it has. the new clyde does look more recognizable.

    that’s it. the new color schemes, slogan, fonts and everything else all still suck. i still get blinded and overwhelmed whenever i’m looking at interactions (buttons) in bots and that stinks.

  17. I honestly got really frustrated when they changed it, I loved the old Clyde, that design had me in the first look, their old font was really cool, (and I mean, REALLY cool, for some reason I liked that font a lot), the chat bubble also gives a good looking for the logo. I still can’t understand what was the true reason why they changed it, since it didn’t improve anything at all :/

  18. I thought we got over this

  19. Color is eh, dont care if its old or new. Logo on the other hand got a massive downgrade

  20. Don’t really care. Don’t spend time staring at the logo.

  21. Keep the new Clyde and the new color, remove everything else. Hate me all you want for not liking blurple, but it feels too washed out

  22. Nope, I wouldn’t mind the old font though. the new one looks meh

  23. They look so similar I don’t really care.

  24. Discord’s new branding is a mistake, at least to me, it’s akin to DeviantArt’s new branding several years ago which received huge backlash, but everyone got over in the end, I guess, and so will everyone for Discord. Discord’s old branding with lines with the breaks in it, dots, rounded corners, fluid animations, that pleasant warm blurple colour, all made Discord extremely unique and special to me, unlike anything on the internet at the time. I mean seriously, am I out of touch? What are they seriously attempting to do with this new branding? Attracting new users? With a trumpet that has a mouth? And that wide flattened font? Oh please

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    Soy_boi_yes_thatone March 29, 2022 at 4:13 pm

    Get it back

  26. I say we revert to 2019 discord

  27. main thing i DESPISE is the new logo font, it is so UGLY.

  28. Nah, could not care less.

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