1. I know this machine, and then I looked at the comics again to see if I missed anything, and then I looked at the girl and tried to figure out what felt weird about it ….

  2. i look forward to the animation!

  3. “Thicc sheep doesn’t exist, it can’t hurt you!”

    Thicc sheep:

  4. Steve looks like he is made out of oak planks

  5. this is cursed

  6. Im just confused why you drew the sheep like that

  7. Beep beep I’m a sheep but it’s the one that you don’t want your parents watching

  8. More

  9. cursed

  10. arts incoming

  11. So uh…


  12. Water sheep nooooooooooo

  13. I’m ashamed that I understand this meme

  14. But who’s the person on the right of the sheep?

  15. who’s this big tiddy sheep

  16. big tiddy sheep 👀

  17. r/MoeMorphism

  18. I hate this stupid meme, the artist need to touch grass and read the bible

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