1. Tyler1 is gonna have a heart attack

  2. I suggest we use a square image to make use of the whole space.
    What about drip peppy?

  3. Go big or go home! 😎

  4. we need it bigger

  5. to quote peppy, lets be respectful and not take up more space then we need
    this community already has a shaky reputation around the internet, there’s no reason to overwrite everyone else’s work and make it worse

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    PM_ME_YOUR_SKYRIMLVL March 29, 2022 at 3:52 pm

    yea i think this is a good idea, i dont like the idea of other subs enjoying their time this april


  8. thats too much

  9. reddit moment

  10. I just made this. New place, new discord.


  11. IIT: People who can’t identify a joke

  12. Wait really when it will start? 1st April? Can’t wait!

  13. cs goes crazy

  14. Is there gonna be a seperate discord server for this or are we just gonna do this on the osu!game discord?

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    Hot-Organization5496 March 29, 2022 at 3:52 pm

    This time we should make osu! Lazer logo

  16. Selfish 🙄 can y’all atleast only take up 1/3 and not 4/5?

  17. Go crazy🔥🔥

  18. Fuck it osu void a circle that that gets larger and sucks everything in it path

  19. HOLY SH- that’s big!

  20. i’m fully expecting a 727 WYSI

  21. Let’s do art of the 2 most popular maps

  22. Yes

  23. We must gather all the big celebs. sodapoppin knows osu, penguinz0 knows osu and even hosted a tournament, dyrus plays osu, boxbox etc.

  24. You should do aireu wysi too

  25. Wow y’all are legit shitty ppl. It’s one thing to want to rep your game or whatever tf this stupid shit is, but y’all legitimately want to ruin it for the rest of the internet. Pathetic sub. All of you.

  26. Yea go ahead lmao osu is so hated by other communities y’all gonna be obliterated

  27. Why not put Edward Ling’s face

  28. that would be so cool tbh

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