1. The top tweet is a copypasta from way back when the Afghanistan thing was trending lmao

  2. That is literally a copy pasta…

  3. Yall seriously not realizing the first comment is a super old copypasta??

  4. /r/AteTheOnion

  5. Why is the first comment the one with the like?

  6. I agree… but why does ‘white’ matter?

  7. No this is a parody of the exact same comment made about Afghanistan. The person who replied just stated the obvious with a little bit of racism thrown in there.

  8. So, you’ve experienced abuse and trauma and the lesson you’ve taken from that is that you refuse to have empathy for anyone else who may have experienced abuse or trauma?

  9. The top tweet is a parody of a different tweet yall idk where it is but I’ll try and find it

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    idkHowToKillMyself March 29, 2022 at 2:52 pm

    OP fell for a copypasta and the „murderer“ also lmao

  11. Umm the top comment was clearly a joke, that’s been a meme for years. More like this belongs in r/doublewoosh

  12. Will Smith is not a threat. He doesn’t even cuss to sell records… but Eminem does 😏

  13. While I totally agree with the answer she recieved I feel like pointing out her skin is unneccessary in this instance. Like no one was talking about anything related to ethnicity here so why make that a topic.

    It’s like some people are SO focused on racial issues that they push the issue to a degree that has the opposite effect of what it’s supposed to. It’s making people even more focused on what skin color someone has instead of their actions and just seeing people as well… people.

  14. What? Both the responses were stupid as fuck, Why is it in this subreddit?

  15. “How do I tie some part of this to a race issue, so I can virtue signal the fuck out of your narccisism”

  16. so a person cannot express and share her trauma because they are a woman and they are white?
    Will Smith and Chris Rock and every other mother fucker on stage are a bunch of clowns that eat each other alive for our entertainment they are well paid to do so.

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    StrongNuclearHorse March 29, 2022 at 2:52 pm

    “Ok so this woman posted a copypasta I don’t recognize as one, but how can I make this about race and gender?”

  18. The second one is also cringy af “you can’t say that because you white woman”

  19. “Blah blah blah white devil blah blah blah” hahahahahahahaha sick burn.

  20. He smacked him not punched him big difference

  21. Okay but why does skin colour matter in this case? Isn’t the issue that they are making it about themselves?

  22. What about her being a white woman? Damn you are always trying the hardest to make it about race

  23. Wait is it a racial thing now?

  24. yeah i get it, but what’s wrong with being white?

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    Unexpected_Old_Lady March 29, 2022 at 2:52 pm

    Can you shut up about race please?

  26. As you know, white people cannot experience emotional trauma.

  27. What does it has to do with race

  28. I agreed with her against “white woman”.

    Race has nothing to do with it. Sounds like the second lady has some internalised racism forcing her to belittle her own race.

  29. I mean, I don’t really care about it either, but I’m not telling the world about my childhood trauma to explain why…

    You don’t need an origin story to not care about celebrity drama.

  30. y racism though lmao

  31. Guys she parody’d a copy pasta you guys dumb?

  32. If we want to tackle racism. Why does everyone bring up race everytime?

  33. Twitter is just pure cringe…even the reply had to add a race element to the dumbass comment…self centered obnoxious stuck up fucks

  34. I swear, twitter is like “ok the Ukraine War is bad but one time in grade 5, my dad yelled at me so I understand trauma”

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    Sad-Information-4713 March 29, 2022 at 2:52 pm

    Both are cringe.

  36. Every statement that starts with “sorry, not sorry” is retarded. At least some of them are just meant to be funny.

  37. Normally I wouldn’t support punching down on abuse victims, but I just have a hunch that Sasha might not be giving an accurate portrayal of her childhood.

  38. I see. Apparently slapping someone for making inappropriate jokes about your wife is the same as constant child abuse.

    Man, the twists of logic narcissists are capable of.

  39. all right.

  40. It is Flame experiment.

  41. The first comment is just narcism that no one needs to see. The second is bringing up race for no reason, the whole thing is cringe.

  42. I grew up with s family that looked down on my hair, and thought the movie good hair was nice as it was about my hair type, just for it to still be a joke by the guy who made it!

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