1. It’s a lot better to watch a 5 min video which explains critical mechanics and not be fueled with useless moves the boss uses.I get more anxious if i watch a 20-30 min guide where they load you with so much info that you forget the important stuff mid way and be nervous tenfold about each and every attack.

  2. I don’t know, this is just anecdotal, but of the dozens of abyss runs of basically all content, people have been pretty patient with others who have first timed/went in blind as long as they are honest about it from the start.

    Had so many times where runs were wiped multiple times but if we were still talking there was little to no tilt ever and then we ended up clearing whatever we were doing.

    I don’t doubt there are lobbies that end up becoming toxic but honestly I feel that just talking goes very far in preventing that from ever becoming the case.

  3. At least you watched a guide, which is more than I can say for 98% of the other people

  4. I feel the same way. Been playing since day 1, and literally did my first abyssal raid the other day (Aira’s Oculus). Watched a video multiple times, and still had to work up the courage to even enter. Yes, I’ve avoided every T1-T2 abyssal raid.

    Part of the hesitation had to do with the plethora of horror stories around abyssal raids, but I’m someone who hates, or is even afraid of inconveniencing others. I want to do everything perfectly the first time, I want to be as prepared as possible – engravings, tripods, gems, skill sets, potions, bombs – everything set up, and with extensive knowledge of the raid via videos or guides. Then it’s all about execution, and because I’m still not good at the game, I’ve avoided it until now.

    It was a matchmaking run, we died twice to the first boss since we were kinda zerging it, second boss was done in the first try, with me being the last to survive. I guess I enjoyed it, but I’m still nervous about doing this raid or Oreha’s weekly. It’ll get easier, I’m sure.

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to work up the courage to do the legion raids, I might try it on my bard alt since supports are practically always welcome, but it’ll be ages before I get her 1370.

  5. This was me yesterday after watching Hildebrandt video

  6. If you want to get used to the mechanics before partying you can just use matchmaking. No one will flame you there as no one knows what they are doing.

  7. I’m afraid to even to do one. I’m at 1325 and I’ve never done an abyssal lol.

  8. Me when I read about the typing exercises in the first T3 dungeon in hard mode

  9. I suggest you make a party using the party finder and just invite all the first timers in the description. That should get rid of plenty of toxic players, and you can all enjoy your time.

    Mechanics are rather fun especially when you clear it the first time.

  10. Watch the short version of the fights on TenTen on youtube, all the info you really need combined with don’t stand in bad. https://www.youtube.com/c/TenTenGaming/videos

  11. And then you have to explain the wipe mechanic to the rest of the party who did not watch a video beforehand.

  12. Ive done 8-10 ish abyssals so far and never encountered anyone toxic. Always in matchmaking. Last week we wiped 10+ time in Oreha Preveza while you’re slowed and have to reach a safe zone while bubble are stunning you on the way. Everybody was chill all the way.

  13. Just dont be the dickhead that joins a “know mechs” party and then fails the mech, gets taught 3 times how to do it and still fails it.

  14. I went a bit beyond in my first time and watched the guide when the group was already clearing the trash mobs before the first boss kekw

  15. I read/watch the guide in maxroll so like 2 min max, but i have the same felling as u

  16. I guess I was lucky with my runs on Gates of paradise. Mechanics wasnt that hard and people were actually nice.

  17. Doing part with someone that didn’t watch guides / have no ideia of mechs is bad

    But worst is the people that don’t even try to learn. Sometimes you watch a guide but is not that easy to execute or miss something. You tell them and they just ignore and do their own thing…

    Had a party on the last T3 raid (normal) and we repeated the first boss a couple of times but it was fine as far people realized their mistake

  18. I raid a lot in D2, well used to so its not intimidation of mechanics its that there is usually no one in voice chat and I personally learn better through seeing it happen. And generally seems like people are so toxic from one wipe. And for some reason if you start a party finder and title it “learning” its not allowed. I recently hit T3 and wanna do those abyssals so bad lol

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    Adventurous-Fly8696 March 29, 2022 at 2:59 pm

    After watching guide for 5 min : oh man I am so scared, will I be able to make it?

    After getting in, wiped for an hour : why da faq you idiots, can you just stop dying?

    You never learn anything if you dont go to school, and as soon as you go in, you will figure out it is nothing monsterous.

  20. 460 hrs in and I HATE these dungeons. Will not do them any more period. Prolly ruin my game but oh well. Need to find the seeds…

  21. Yup totally me. Always nervous to screw up. I have such slow reflex and bad memorie, I am always doubting my capacity

  22. At least you watched a guide, there are many who just don’t care before stepping into the raid. Good on you…

  23. I stoped doing Abyssal dungeons at Alaric Sanctuary. There is no point in knowing the mechanics to perfection if there is 1 or 2 guys who have no idea about them and just rush into the boss room like bots over and over without listening.
    I tried with over 8 groups so far and every single one of them had at least 1 of these players. Is it so hard to watch a 5min guide on YT before doing the raid?? Do you realy think ruining the fun for the other 6-7 players in the raid cause you don’t wanna learn the mechanics will gain you anything?
    Sometimes i wish these raids had no wipe mechanics so at least i can carry these monkeys.
    Rant over.

  24. Just say it. I swear. If you say you just watched the guide, you are already better than everyone who keep being silent and make mistakes. If we know it’s your first time we can correct you. If you say nothing it’s only harder for all of us

  25. How I learned, joined (you can make your own group too) a dps only raid group with the expectation to fail (we did fail), but after wiping 6-7 times I’ve learned the mechanics and after that joined a group with proper supports, we killed Argos in 2 tries. The difference when I went with and without supports is huge, like playing a different game, but it made me aware of all the mechanics of the boss and after that going with a support it was a breeze… can’t say for phase 2 as I haven’t reached that part yet.
    Edit: I forgot to mention, I have watched a short guide too, but nothing beats getting into the fight and trying all the mechanics yourself.

  26. I finally was able to defeat Argos with a paladin that was clueless , but at least he was the support we needed . He cheesed every mechanic , took every single hit head on , the only thing bad about it was him stealing spots twice , but that was just 2 revives payment so it worked out.

  27. Im still waiting for those “30 second guide” videos for Lost Ark that explains the critical information and leaves all the bullshit out

  28. I was initially very anxious about abyssal raids and didn’t do them at all for at least a month. But after I started trying and failing and learning, it’s become probably my most enjoyed content in the game. And it’s so rewarding!

  29. Ngl at least until P2 argos, that shit was too damn easy… i did P2 with 2 other friends and 5 randos, we 2 shot it lmfao

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