1. First time I’ve seen a 6ft dude get denied because of his height…Crazy.

  2. She must be 6’5”

  3. You dodged a bullet tbf, 6’0 isn’t short

  4. How is 6tf short 🥴

  5. I’ll never understand short chicks being so fucking cruel about dude height.

    Signed a 4’11” chick appalled at the audacity of this bitch.

  6. How is 6ft short? she must be trolling

  7. As a women, I find this crap utterly ridiculous.

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    Constant-Recover-935 March 29, 2022 at 11:38 am

    I’m 5’11 matches with a girl who was 4’11 and she said i was too short… okay midget😂

  9. How is 6 ft short?? Are they looking to date Godzilla???

  10. There’s no way this is real… Only 3.9% of men in the USA are over 6’2″. That’s all men in the USA, so the amount in the right age range is even smaller and the amount that actually fit your personality is even smaller.

  11. What the fuck. I’m 5’4 Jesus. I thought my height was bad lol. But that’s f’d up

  12. I’m (26F) 5’11”. My SO (27M) is 5’6”. We’ve been together over a year. After only dating / having boyfriends over 6 feet I decided that I was cutting out lots of great guys and should probably check out men shorter than myself. Soon after that I met my current bf and I’ve never been happier. Ladies, I’d recommend checking out short kings.

  13. As a 5’7” short king, DAMN

  14. 6’0 IS SHORT!?!?!

  15. I’m guessing she was looking to end it even if you were 8’0. Calling you short just makes her look stupid though.

  16. I really don’t worry about these losers. The loser women like this end up with loser men (who have equally-loserish standards) and have loser babies and hate each other. Let them have the scrap heap I say

  17. Wtf is up with all this ignorance when it comes to height?

  18. “Must be at least 7’ tall so you have to bend at least 90° to kiss the top of my head.”

  19. I’m 5’11. Went on a date with a girl who was maybe 5’2. She later texted me and said, “sorry, the height is an issue for me. Looking for 6’3 or more”

    And I was like…

    “You could barely reach up to kiss me as it was…”

  20. This is so weird to me. My current fiancé is, admittedly, 6’6” tall *however* my first boyfriend (and first love of my life to be honest) was 5’3”. I am a hair below 5’7”. I’ve dated every size there is – short, tall, skinny, thick… a man with a personality is my winner. These shallow women need to get on a different level or they’re always gonna be just as empty and alone.

  21. What in the fuck is that

  22. Isn’t 5’8 the average height for men? What nonsense this is

  23. There’s only two reasons I can think of why she’d lose interest for such a petty reason, either she’s actually catfishing you or she is already interested in another guy and needed any excuse to not have to meet you IRL. My guess is the latter

  24. My very first tinder date the guy told me I should’ve put my height in my bio. Im 5’9” which I know is kinda tall for a girl but I didn’t think it was that bad.

    He was also 5’9” which he did have in his bio and I was totally fine with. I can understand not wanting a girl who was significantly taller than you. I honestly probably wouldn’t be down with that either. But we were the same height.

    I do have my height in my profile now though. Just to warn the boys I’m apparently a giant Amazon woman.

  25. I go through this sub whenever I feel like dating might be a good idea just to be reminded why I should stay single. LMAO wow.

  26. TIL 6 foot tall is short king status

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    Suspicious-Art-9010 March 29, 2022 at 11:38 am

    😂 what. Must be an American thing or something. No problem about my height, spare the occasional bio where the girl is tall herself and states her preference. My GF is actually an inch taller ( but don’t tell her I said that )

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    Dazzling_Standard_26 March 29, 2022 at 11:38 am


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