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    Lancelot_of_puddle March 30, 2022 at 5:39 am

    If i haven’t left the planet like tuchanka i haven’t scanned enough

  2. I started out like you.

    Then found it was such a mega waste of time and effort.

    Using only Rich planets, I scan until it’s Poor, then move on.

    Always end up with far far more than I need just by doing this.

  3. You never know where a small pocket of eezo might be hiding.

  4. yesssssssss. But for me, i go to “poor”. I’m not trying to make the game miserable for myself, so i accept it.

  5. I used to get that way, but then I found the “One Probe All Resources” mod. It makes the game sooo much less tedious. Now I leave the Poor planets alone (unless they’ve got Eezo, of course).

  6. Honestly, no. Because I fucking hate planet scanning and war asset hunting. I envy the people who like it lol.

  7. Did you probe Uranus?

  8. When ME2 first came out I loved 100%’ing planets, playing it again on LE… it definitely felt more tedious haha, too much awareness now of free time being the most ~precious resource~

  9. Did you know that there are *still more resources* to be mined in Depleted planets?

    If you want to be completely through, you need to go further…


    (though I just stop at poor or even moderate).

  10. That’s not what OCD is.

  11. I used to be like this but I kept running out of probes too easily and not even getting much, so usually I just go for rich planets, get them to poor/depleted, and leave

  12. After so many play-throughs I believe I’ve earned the right to the One-Probe-All-Resources mod hahahaha

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    Nobody_Super_Famous March 30, 2022 at 5:39 am

    Imagine claiming you have OCD but not launching your probes only where the lines intersect. Or forcing yourself to launch a total number of probes that is a multiple of 5 for no reason.

    I think I might need help.

  14. Especially while searching for that extortionate amount of Platinum to upgrade the medbay!

  15. I would scan left from right and make on rotation then move down the cursor just a bit and repeat going from the top to the bottom. But I also had a spreadsheet of every upgrade and it’s associated cost so I could track how much I needed at each phase of the game in order to stop myself from strip mining every planet.

  16. I love these because after an intense 20-30 minutes of a heavy story mission. I can unwind for 30 minutes listening to a podcast while doing these

  17. No joke, I got tennis elbow on my first playthrough.

  18. I use a mod to deplete with one probe. After the first time I spammed each planet with probes i was looking for a mod to avoid doing it lol

  19. The only one I deplete fully is Uranus.

    I probe it. I mine it. I deplete it.

  20. I did before.

    I will say reading all the descriptions you get a lot of surprising info. Many planets with remnants of some civilization a million years old, cratering that looks like from heavy orbital bombardment.

  21. well, with that haphazard method of scanning you are going to take forever!

  22. I would just plop in one probe and move on. One time I did cover a world with so many probes there was no free space left.

  23. It has to hit at least ‘Poor’ before I’m satisfied enough to leave.

  24. I would scan only rich planets and probe until moderate every once in a while. I had more than enough by the end. In my next playthrough, Im just gonna use that one probe mod like someone mentioned. Too tedious. it adds very litltle to the game

  25. After the first time I played the game, I got tired of scanning planets, so now I just cheat the resources and just scan planets for landing missions.

    Have no time for these kind of mini-games TBH, too old for that shit.

  26. I’ve spent much more time that I care to admit scouring all these planets for resources thess past few years.

  27. You’ve got nothing on the guy who depleted every single planet in ME2 😅

  28. I did early in the game, but it started to grow old later in the game, especially when I had plenty of resources and plenty of rich planets left to scan. By the end i just skipped scanning. In the future i will only fully scan Rich planets and planets with Eezo.

  29. Get what you need to research for your needs. Which comes down to personal, armament, and ship upgrades. The squad wide upgrades are too insignificant to be noticeable in combat, nor do they affect plot outcomes or performance during the suicide mission.

  30. I always try to leave the planets before “depleting” them because I want to be the SAVIOR of the galaxy, not some kind of world consuming Galactus leaving the scourged husks of once rich solar system behind in my wake.

  31. Let me tell you a story;

    Today, I got the Completionist Achievement for ME:1 in the Legendary Edition.

    So many fucking planets.

  32. Yeah I just installed a mod that means I only need to fire 1 prob to get all the materials from a planet. I hate having to waste my time shooting 10 probs into a planet just to jump to the next planet and so on.

  33. Always happens to me ngl. 😂😂😂😂

  34. I definitely was!

  35. I usually start off like that, then once I generally have enough to do the big ship upgrades, I only go for ones that are Rich or Good, and only collect until it reaches Poor status. It was using so much of my time, and so many times having to go back and forth to the Mass Relay system to both refuel and buy more probes.

  36. I just stop at Poor lol

  37. Ugghhh! I don’t even want to talk about it.

  38. Yes. I follow every 2.5 lines, rotating the planet the whole time until the meter goes up.

  39. Y E S

    I don’t know, it’s weirdly relaxing??

  40. I leave all planets on moderate can research everything and have left

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