+12811 Hey guys, me and a ton of other players…

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2022-03-29 03:14:54

+12811 – Hey guys, me and a ton of other players are participating in this campaign to show Rockstar how much we disapprove the idea of a paid subscription for GTA Online

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    Melodic-Treacle-4920 March 29, 2022 at 11:54 am

    Jokes on you I stopped playing weeks ago

  2. ![img](emote|t5_2xrd1|9401)

  3. Probably should have posted this a bit sooner than 30 minutes ago to give people a chance to find out about it before the date.

    I really like this idea though.

  4. you can count on me… i don’t have a gta :/

  5. Wasn’t going to play that day anyway, so now I can pretend I’m doing it for a reason.

  6. Some people will buy that crap

  7. Sweet, might finally be able to be a ceo…

  8. Stopped playing gta when I realized no matter how much money I had or what i bought i still got bored. There wasn’t any point in buying anything new when you owned things that were already better than what you bought. All the clothes they add are ugly, no new tattoos, hair cuts and the cars are all modeled after each other. You’d think with such a gem like gta they would’ve done more with it than pump it for every penny. Same reason it’s a popular hated game.

  9. Maybe ill actually start Shadow of war.

  10. Not just us, even gta youtubers should not buy gta +. It might benefit them because they get to showcase new cars earlier, but that would hurt the game overall.

  11. They already have your money, they don’t care if you play or not. Everyone not buying the subscription would be the only way to show them it’s not wanted, but if people buy shark cards for pay to win, they’ll pay a subscription.

  12. Just don’t buy it.

  13. I’m all for disapproving gta +, really, but realistically rockstar could probably care less if a few more people didn’t play tomorrow.

  14. Great idea, already on it. Haven’t played in 1 week.
    Ps4 player so enhanced stuff doesn’t benefit me at all

  15. ​

    This should **not** be a thing. This game has already made them **billions.**

  16. It would be a good time to attempt to get better with Pyramid Head in Dead By Daylight. ![img](emote|t5_2xrd1|9401)

  17. If you wish to seriously pull something off like this, posting it before the afternoon of the day you wish to “protest” might be a good idea!

  18. you know, you dont have to buy it

  19. Do yall really think they’re gonna care lmao

  20. It’s March 29 already in my side of the world but honestly I don’t play online that much since I’ve got other games to grind

  21. just don’t pay for it?

  22. I don’t understand… You can still play online without paying the GTA+ thing, right? Just don’t buy it, it will suffice no?

  23. Sweet, maybe now I can run some god damned cargo.

  24. Really? You seriously think that’s gonna do jack shit? This community makes up a tiny little fraction of the gta online player base. No shot R* is gonna notice the unhappy few of you not playing the most popular multiplayer game in the fucking world for a single day.

  25. I think people should just avoid buying GTA+. I’d imagine still playing GTA is fine if you’re not buying shark cards or buying into a BS membership with low-tier benefits

  26. Lol, what? 😂

    The solution to show them you disapprove the idea of a paid subscription for GTA Online is obviously to not fucking buy a paid subscription for GTA Online.

    Or any microtransactions for that matter.

  27. Well I’m getting it just for the car and cash, I’ll see if the next month is worth it then decide, everyone has a free choice

  28. I’ll just quit forever, bye

  29. im down

  30. Don’t waste your time. This won’t do shit

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    Imaginary-Objective7 March 29, 2022 at 11:54 am

    I really hope enough people do this but I’m not holding out

  32. As much as I like the idea, less than a days notice isn’t enough time to even make a dent.

  33. Rockstar be like:
    *ah, they probably think it’s to cheap! Let’s make it a bit more expensive, good for us and the playerbase*

  34. What a joke. You want me to play monthly so I can go to work for my fictional business and get blown up doing delivery runs. Fuck that

  35. I refuse to buy a service. On top of my WiFi Bill and Xbox Live Gold Bill that lets me Play a Game I have bought across 3 or 4 different platforms from 360 to Xbox one to my Series S. Rockstar can literally kiss my money and time goodbye if they decide to do this with the state they leave the game in constantly.

  36. Who t f would pay for a sub to the most imbalanced, broken, badly designed grief farm ever created? It’s an abysmal experience in its current state, they can’t possibly be serious

  37. Yeah like that’s Gonna do anything to rockstar. They wouldn’t even care

  38. So the sessions will be empty for me to sell my stuff today? Sweet, thanks 🙏

  39. ![img](emote|t5_2xrd1|9401)

  40. Lol it’s boring anyway I stopped playing

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