1. Q: How big? A: “Fuck You-sized”.

  2. Problem: based on the math some people did, the Scorpion had am accurate range that may have been able to hit the dragon in Winterfell. It’s sad, but Qyburn invented weaponry stronger than what exists in the real world

  3. The Dragon could grab the giant arrows as they reach apogee, and then hurl them back at the engine.

  4. Well obviously the writers didn’t want to be “lazyyyy” so they removed the mountains /s

  5. Who needs a rock half the size of a city when you have a dragon the size of a city. As long as their scorpions aren’t about a quarter of the size of a city, the dragon will be fine.

  6. I just snort-laughed at this.

  7. Your genius, it frightens me! If they have radar guided arrows for the fucking scorpions, you can have laser guided rocks for the dragons.

  8. What is this, the Expanse? Get out of here with your physics based solutions!

  9. Not like the scorpions mattered.

    In one episode, wannabe Jack Sparrow takes out a moving dragon hundreds of meters away in the fucking sky with one scorpion while being around a corner in a moving ship.

    Next episode, one dragon can pull a Poe Dameron vs Dreadnought dozens of waiting scorpions effortlessly.

  10. Ya, but what if they put the Scorpion on a boat? Because then they become an intercontinental ballistic missals.

  11. No need; dragon fire makes stone walls explode….like, immediately

  12. I’m curious how this applies when kings landing teleports to the desert.

  13. Or you know she can just attack at night. Make it a one nighter or stretch it out.

    Just my 2 cents

  14. You are falling right into Eurons trap.

    You’ve only seen regular sized scorpion. So you adjust your distance, think you are far enough away and then BOOM! He smacks you with the Extra Mega Scorpion! 10 mile radius, stealth enabled, heat seeking arrows, filled with wild fire.

  15. Stop making sense!!!

  16. God damn, you should hve been on Dnay’s war counsel

  17. It’s a simple matter of weight ratios

  18. “Danny kinda forgot about the potential of orbital kinetic bombardment”

  19. I see this as an absolute win!

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