1. Check the tape it went to 510

  2. Whyyyyyy are people still using robinhood. Use questrade, fidelity, IKBR, webull. All do options perfectly fine.

    Using robinhood for convenience?? Would you use a citadel broker app if it existed??

  3. so much crime

  4. Because you have a crappy broker?

    Just sayin’. I wouldn’t trust RH if they told me water is wet.

  5. If RH is the only broker app that sent out these notifications, then it almost certainly was a glitch…because, well, RH.

    I’ll get excited when actually reputable broker apps do the same, and the event can be verified across multiple brokers.

    The fact that these subs are all in a tizzy over RH notifications, after spending a year bashing RH for their fuckery, is a pretty blatant double standard by apes.

  6. I’ve seen a bunch of posts like this and all are from RH users. It blows my mind that people still use them after they shut off the buy button.. Why are you still with them, OP?

  7. What were the gains on that when you opened it up? Did it even show gains?

  8. That’s their price before they take their cut obviously. Dark pools Pfof etc….

  9. Internalized trades that went to dark pools?

  10. Fucking Robin hood..

  11. Sick Robinhood app.

  12. I’m sorry but fuck you for using RH

  13. Fuck robinhood

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    QuietMathematician2 March 29, 2022 at 10:45 pm


  15. Why are you trading options?

  16. Robinhood. That is all.

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