1. Water go down the hoooole

  2. Man, I remember the first episode like it was yesterday. Buster is talking to the animator to make him a friend so the animator makes babs for him. I was eating Cheetos after a long day of kindergarten lol. It’s amazing these little moments in time that stay in your head

  3. Tiny Toons and Animaniacs were a 90s child’s dream of cartoonish absurdity. They both definitely shaped the man that I am today, and I greatly appreciate it!

  4. Great SNES game too, from what I remember

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    Otherwise_Basis_6328 March 29, 2022 at 9:08 pm

    The full intro with sound: https://youtu.be/3EiEX4tmCfY

  6. How I Spent My Summer Vacation is one of the best animated films of all time.

  7. Some of my favorite episodes are the ones that involve music. There were a couple that had [music videos like this one](https://youtu.be/-ooV6e7b5d4).

    Plucky Duck flushing stuff down the toilet as a toddler was one of my favorites. “Water go down the hole.”


  9. So there was “Looney **Tunes**” and “Tiny **Toon**”, no wonder I’m confused

  10. Is there any way to watch these? They look cute af, wish I was born in good cartoons era

  11. Whenever I hear “Money” I instantly see Montana Max singing and dancing.

  12. The walls in the mall are totally totally tall

  13. Every morning with a mouth full of cereal lol, those were the days.

  14. My favourite part of this show was the end credits, where the writers would stick little gags in almost every week. And I thought I was so special and clever for reading them all. I wasn’t, turns out. Still amn’t. But it was so much fun, and it felt like accessing a secret.

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    ChaoticForkingGood March 29, 2022 at 9:08 pm

    I loved reading the credits after that show. They’d always throw a few jokes in there.

  16. A staple at our house.

  17. Halloween intros were great too

  18. I can’t overstate how formative this show was to young me.

    Every year I waited with baited breath for the summer vacation movie, they always played it right as my own summer vacation was starting. Watched it again for the first time since childhood recently and I don’t know if Ive ever felt a nostalgia bomb that hard.

  19. I have the Sega Game “Tiny Toon Adventures”

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    drunkeskimo_partdeux March 29, 2022 at 9:08 pm

    No not your turn to push the button is my turn, not your turn. Elevator go down the hooooole

  21. Tokyo Movie Shinsa was the best animator for these, I thought. They’re the ones that did the How I spent My Summer Vacation one, too.

  22. Pure nostalgia bomb!! My God, weren’t the 90s fuckin Grrreat!???!! We all loved Animaniacs too!

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  24. That NES game was dope. “DOPE DOPE”

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