1. Always knew that thing was gonna have trouble with corners lol.

  2. Amazing! good to see something like this move

  3. Amazing to see just how much it struggles for grip/slides around on the concrete! I’m so used to videos of tracked vehicles with rubber pads.

  4. So that shit is real … Jesus

  5. That thing nightmare fuel

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    VerticalScopeRules March 29, 2022 at 8:36 am

    Losses in Ukraine must be really severe

  7. woah i thought it was just a prototype that stayed on paper, i am very glad i was wrong look at him go wooooo

  8. Looks hella cool. Sad that I couldn’t get it in war thunder’s event 2 years ago

  9. That thing needs some serious WD-40

  10. If it can stop a Nuclear blast, it can stop a Javelin!


  11. This is amazing! I had no idea object 279 could be restored. This has already made my week, can’t wait to see it repainted and with its sideskirts on.

  12. Did…did it just do a burnout

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    Random_Comical_Doge March 29, 2022 at 8:36 am

    Stalins rover has been restored. Somehow.

  14. How do those tracks compare to traditional track composition?

  15. Where does it gooo?

  16. how do you swap the middle tracks? I can’t imagine it is very easy.

  17. Someone has more details of this? How long did it take to restore it? Who was the generous goddess who came to revive this glorious soul?

  18. You know when they say there’s only UFOs and USOs? Well, I think we have another kind

  19. They are getting a Ukrainian farmer to tow it the rest of the way…

  20. Awesome footage and probably we can see here why it was never adopted or further developed, turning that thing seems like a bitch.

  21. This is just too cool. I didn’t even know this thing still existed. And the fact that it still works is so fucking cool. Awesome piece of history and a genuinely unique design

  22. My favorite tank is finally being restored! Oh sweet happiness

  23. I am so hard rn

  24. Fuckin sweet!

  25. I feel satisfied when I see a functional tank still active on the move.

  26. Holy shit that thing is real!?

  27. Russia busting out the old soviet P2W tanks now, load your gold shells!

  28. thatsss a beast!

  29. Russia pulling out the big guns

  30. Stopped to piss some transmission fluid, looks like.

  31. It’s a hatch back

  32. u/savevideo

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    Severe-Analyst1207 March 29, 2022 at 8:36 am

    I can see why quad tracks never caught on

  34. Boy I bet track maintenance and breaking track on the inside tracks was *fuuuuuuuunnn*

  35. I imagine the maintenance manual entry on what to do if this thing throws an inside track must start with “Make peace with your preferred higher power.”

  36. Ukrainian or Russian?

  37. What was the idea of the extra tracks? Not getting stuck in the Ukrainian mud?

  38. I forgot that this monster was a thing

  39. Damn, that’s a gem of a video right there. Nice find OP 👍🏻

  40. Off to Ukraine…

  41. but for why?

  42. Would it be good in actual combat (with some modern armour) ? No lower plate, angled armor everywhere, extra tracks just in case.

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