1. Neal McBeal, the Navy seal, is the most obnoxious character BoJack encounters throughout the entire series.

  2. I also agree with another point he makes in this episode which is that not all seals or soldiers in general are heroes. Certainly some are but not all.

  3. If it’s not in a cart, with your items shall you part.

  4. Having worked Ina grocery store before (and also just general observation as a shopper) people leave shit they want fucking anywhere. I once saw what was once fresh chicken drum sticks in the freezer. An item out of place don’t mean shit.

  5. In your cart or in your hands are the only ‘dibs’ recognized when shopping.

  6. It was a Larry David moment for sure, doing something out of spite just because someone else was acting entitled.

  7. He actually had a good political take here too. I liked how the writers “gave” Bojack a platform from time to time to talk about larger issues, like when he was on his book signing tour with Diane.

  8. So you hate the troops???

  9. I had a similar argument recently, and I immediately thought about this situation.

    There was a discount for air fryers at the local Lidl, so I went early, 08:10 AM, right after opening. Well, people have beat me to it and they were already gone.

    Shrugged it off, went on with the rest of the shopping, and suddenly I see an air fryer sitting idly on top of the frozen section. I prompty took it, went to the register, paid, and left.

    At the exit, a woman angrily is running after me, screaming that I stole her air fryer, the security got involved. She told me she’s a nurse and _in these trying times_ no one ever cares for nurses and she’s so old and she just put the fryer out of the trolley to fit other stuff, etc. etc.

    The security asked if I did steal it, I showed them the receipt, he said okay then, but the lady insisted – _I stole it from her, not from the store._

    She kept screaming after me and she was probably going to fight me for it if I wasn’t 6’2 and 220 lbs.

    Sorry lady, you shouldn’t’ve left the air fryer unattended on top of the fridges in the frozen section.

  10. I’ll preach it until the day I die.

    If you want dibs on something in the supermarket, you put it in a basket.

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    Dry-Yogurtcloset6207 March 29, 2022 at 9:20 am

    Exactly. You ever seen a kid put something on a random shelf because his parents said no? Totally could have happened here. Bojack Justified.

  12. I think our favorite Seal was more wrong. Muffins in the fruit section are clearly out of place but most would obviously assume that someone decided against getting them and put them back lazily. Demanding the muffins back as if they’re his right was ridiculous but BoJack buying them and eating them all out of spite is also bad

  13. He was right about the troops too!

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    idkbroimdrunkandsad March 29, 2022 at 9:20 am

    He was right that Neal McBeal the Navy Seal did not have dibs on those muffins. But buying them just to spite him was shitty. So while he was right, he was not in the right in my humble opinion.

  15. Honestly this entire episode really irritated me. BoJack certainly overreacted, but Neal is just an obnoxious dick and really only proved BJ’s entire point

  16. Oh yeah, that darn seal was an entitled karen

  17. Dibs only counts if you are actively holding on to it or have it in your cart. Neal McBeal the Navy Seal forfeited his dibs when he abandoned the muffins at the produce isle and I will die on this hill!

    … also he seems like a jerk.

  18. what is dibs? I mean I know what it is now after I Googled it but I never heard or saw anyone use this word. also I don’t think it exists in my native language, not in the same way at least

  19. I agree that there’s no dibs, but I think Bojack was in the wrong in the sense that he said he didn’t even want the muffins, and just bought them as petty revenge.

  20. You’re not wrong. You’re just an asshole.

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    ConsentingAsparagus March 29, 2022 at 9:20 am

    You don’t dibs things, you hide them in an obscure place and then come back later to get them.

  22. I think there are episodes design for us to think Bojack is a lovable asshole, especially in the first season. It helps us relate to him and sympathize so when he does something truly terrible we feel betrayed.

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