1. You got the shading style pretty spot on! It looks rad!

  2. Ngl, that is a pretty cool way to show off your D&D character, take my up vote.

  3. Without the context of knowing this is fan art, you’d have totally convinced me that this was a real character in the game. You perfectly captured the art style!

  4. Holy Shit. I haven’t played the game for weeks. U got me there for a second. Incredible work.

  5. jk, it’s my D&D character ^^’
    I wanted to try out the artstyle because it is SO COOL and i had a ton of fun photoshopping a ‘screenshot’ hehe

    More of my work: [https://linktr.ee/zoeytime](https://linktr.ee/zoeytime)

  6. Wow, spot on the with the art style.

    If not for the D&D reference in the text I’d have genuinely believed this was a secret character in the game I hadn’t come across yet.

    Well done OP.

  7. Excellent work, had to check the comments to see if I somehow missed this in my playthrough.

  8. God damn you nailed the style so well, and a nice cute joke on top of that, 11/10

  9. This is fanart. Did you make this?

    If so, good job.

  10. If I hadn’t dumped as many hours as I have into this game, I would’ve fallen for this

  11. You had me in the first half, I’m not gonna lie

  12. Okay that had me second guess all my runs lol

  13. Man, I would love them to do something more in a Diablo style game next, and set it in a DnD style fantasy world. Just take the Hades combat and put it into that style game.

  14. That looks amazing!! You did the style really well 😀

  15. You did a fantastic job capturing Hades’s visual style 😀

  16. Woooaaaaaa ! Is there a new DLC coming ou…

    Ohh wait.. good one ! hahahahahaha xD

  17. That’s super cute! You nailed the art style and palette. I love your character 😀

  18. Was very convinced I hadn’t seen this endgame content, great art OP!

  19. Very cool work ! Looks like an official artwork from the game

  20. Nice work! You fooled me until I saw the art tag. I was already booting my game to see how the heck could I encounter this obscure character lol

  21. I believed this 100% and even googled it 😂 well done dude

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    theonewhoremains1102 March 29, 2022 at 3:56 pm

    man, you got me searching all over the internet, until discovering it was not true, nice art, it is perfect

  23. Did you make that? If you did you absolutely killed it omg. The devs should take u as their new character designer

  24. I was gonna be so mad because I thought this was a spoiler. Nice work!

  25. Ooh, she wouldn’t happen to be based off a certain member of the Dice Camera Action cast, would she?

    Awesome work. She looks great!

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    ConditionPossible277 March 29, 2022 at 3:56 pm

    Threw me off until I saw “scorceress”

  27. I see you are also a firbolg of taste! Love it! Dressed up as my firbolg peace cleric last weekend for Ren Faire!

  28. This looks literally so good that I Googled her Name because I was amazed that I missed an NPC

  29. Amazing job!

  30. This was so good I actually thought it was in the game lol

  31. You son of a bitch, you had me for a minute there.

    I was like “wait, did they add stuff to the game” but then saw it was flaired art.

  32. I was convinced this was a character I hadn’t seen yet until I read the comments. Really nice work!

  33. This is awesome, I love this game and your piece is awesome. Love the design.

  34. I was like; DLC? :O

    Looks neat.

  35. Damn she kinda thick

  36. I mean, he’s got the spear

  37. this is awesome!

  38. I was convinced I missed a massive update until I saw the other comments. Nicely done!

  39. She is really cute! I would love to meet her in the game (I would always try to see her 👀)

  40. This actually makes me realise how cool Hecate would be in this game, great art btw

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