1. That looks like illegal levels of fun

  2. That must be hard to drive due to the massive erection I’d have in the driver’s seat.

  3. Jesus the car is so lovely

  4. That looks like a fucking death trap…sign me up!!

  5. A go-kart from hell! Sport bike engine swaps into tiny cars are so fucking cool lol

  6. Or, if you want to go the total opposite direction, someone put a Lambo v12 in one of these.

  7. 600? 750? 1000?

  8. This thing must rip.

  9. Damn… never thought I would genuinely say out loud, “damn, that’s a fucking badass looking Fiat”. But, I guess we learn new things all the time.

  10. no engine bay photos?

  11. Check out this dual Hayabusa engined Fiat 500. https://youtu.be/C94VIwLbfKk

  12. It looks like Darth Vaders helmet.


  13. Man i lobe these Fiat 500 and 600 swaps, they make me happy

  14. FIXXER

  15. This looks insane and I love it.

  16. I want to see this thing race the hayabusa powered smart car.

  17. didnt think this existed.

    looks like a go kart. fun

  18. Reminds me of that red honda type r powered 500 that some dude posted in shittycarmods. Guy just didnt get it.

  19. It’s so wide I love it

  20. Bites lip

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