1. *pulls out angle grinder*

  2. What would be the solution here? Only Option 1 seems the best. Moral of the story – don’t park on lines.

    Option 1: Reverse out of space, and then deploy ramp in the middle of the car park where there is space

    Option 2: Wait for the owners of the black car to return

    Option 3: Manhandle the chap in the wheelchair into the car. On second thoughts – perhaps not.

    Option 4: Get some strong passersby to lift the wheelchair up and over and onto the ramp

    Option 5: Destroy black car. Get revenge. Then wheel up ramp freely at your leisure.

  3. No doubt this person is an asshole, and I would never park in the lined area or handicap spot, but I was genuinely interested to learn what those lined areas are for. I’m sorry this happened and I hope y’all got home safe.

  4. Some people are jerks. Ticket, tow, impound.

    Frankly I think a forklift move to put the offending vehicle placed where they can’t get into it would be more fair.

  5. Mildly? MASSIVELY!

  6. Of course it’s a BMW

  7. Dude get that wheelchair out of the handicapped zone you can’t park that there

  8. People can be assholes

  9. I had a mate who had a degenerative disease, which ultimately took his life. His dad, a high class lawyer, used to key cars that did this shit.

  10. BMW drivers are so predictable.

  11. Would work better in r/iamatotalpieceofshit

  12. Pull out the keys and write “Asshole” on it.

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    sealYurwrldfromyeyes March 29, 2022 at 11:18 am

    oddly enough its usually another handicapped driver doing it too. well i guess it makes sense as theyre next to eachother but stilll you think theyd be aware. used to work at a few stores and saw it all the time.

  14. Saw a lady today put her shopping cart, now one of *three* fucking shopping carts, right in the middle of a handicapped spot at the front of the store.

    Not returning your cart is a pure asshole thing as it is. Parking them in handicapped spaces is an entirely new level of classless piece of shit.

  15. Scratch the car with the chair! Accidentally

  16. As is often said – this is not /r/mildlyinfuriating. this is /r/infuriating.

    Weird how that bmw had deep deep wheelchair handle height gouges down its length. No idea how they got there.

  17. Back the van out and load in lazy bones from the spot. Just don’t scratch my Benz.

  18. I would print that picture and stick it to the side of this car.

  19. Ppl saying ‘probably not an asshole, they just don’t know any better’, please stop. Just because you don’t understand why something is there (e.g. the lined section) doesn’t mean it’s excusable for you to ignore it. The lined section is obviously there for a reason, regardless if you know why, and if you park on it just because you’re too lazy to park properly then you are an asshole. The inconvenience of you having to slightly adjust your parking is tiny compared to a person not being able to get into their car.

    ETA: Also saying stuff like ‘you could just back up and get them in’, just stop!! What’s the point in having accessible parking spots if they aren’t fcking accessible because assholes would rather be ignorant than park correctly!? They’d probably end up facing complaints from other drivers in the car park because they can’t get past them and they’re taking a long time getting their passenger into the car, nevermind the fact that this idea totally ignores drivers that are wheelchair users. Ppl who do this need to grow up and take responsibility for their actions, disabled people struggle enough with access, they don’t need any more idiots making it even more difficult.

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    ClearedToPrecontact March 29, 2022 at 11:18 am

    Black car parked like shit but the wheelchair wouldn’t be able to turn to get up the ramp even if the other car was in the lines. They need to make the spaces bigger.

  21. He should stand up against those oppressesors

  22. And they’re parked right in the middle of it. I mean how is the black SUV going to open their door now?

  23. I hope they got his car towed and he was given a ticket.

  24. You should pull out the tire valves and leave them with towable flats. Street justice

  25. YeH weird , shame my sons wheel chair did that to your paint . I guess we all learned something today

  26. Don’t be surprised if your car gets keyed for parking in handicap accesibility areas

  27. Just scrape the fuck out the side while getting the wheelchair in

    I’ll vouch and say it wasn’t you

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