1. Lockheed Martin needs to send Putin an “Employee of the Month” award for being the #1 salesman for the F-35, successfully convincing both Germany and now Canada to buy in (finally).

  2. saab executives on suicide watch

  3. Belgium has also already ordered them but they will only arrive in 2025

  4. Operating or actively negotiating agreement to purchase:

    1. United States;
    2. UK;
    3. Italy;
    4. The Netherlands;
    5. Canada;
    6. Australia;
    7. Denmark;
    8. Norway;
    9. Japan;
    10. South Korea;
    11. Singapore;
    12. Israel;
    13. Belgium;
    14. Poland;
    15. Switzerland;
    16. Finland;

    17. [U.A.E.] (Approved by Trump Administration, but has threatened to walk away from deal due to security restrictions);

    Other countries which have expressed interest:

    18. [Greece];
    19. [Thailand];
    20. [Turkey] (Out of program due to S-400 purchase. Presumably no F-35s until S-400 retired).

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    Impossible_Cherry257 March 29, 2022 at 3:42 pm

    In WW2 there were 21 manufacturers of aircraft in the United States.
    It’s kinda spooky to see one aircraft become the backbone of so many countries.

  6. 24 years after joining JSF program Canada has finally decided that F-35 does in fact fulfill their requirements. Why wait that long to buy the fighters you’re gonna buy anyway? Idk I’m not canadian. Canucks work in their mysterious ways.

    Oh and this is a wooden mockup from 2010

  7. Despite all the crap the F-35 cops I reckon it’s probably got all of the ruskies Air Force covered based on their performance over the last month 🤣

  8. At this point it should be named the NATOfighter xD

  9. Finally we are getting new jets to replace our 1980’s modified aircraft though i love the f18 🙁 hope they use it along side the f35

  10. This is a really good Podcast and this episode focuses on why the F-35 is a great aircraft and the right choice for Canada.


    As others have stated it is sad that it has taken this long due to politics and a horrible procurement process.

  11. I love the look of the Saab but choosing a non-stealth fighter at a similar price point would have been silly in 2022. I am happy that Canada will have a true first-tier fighter platform. Canada is a good neighbor with an exceptionally professional military.

    Between Germany, Canada, and the U.S. all fielding large numbers of F-35s, NATO air supremacy should be assured a while longer even with China’s recent advances. The new European investment in defense should also slow China’s widening of the gap against the west, at least I’m hopeful of that.

    Russia isn’t really a major geopolitical threat anymore aside from the nukes, which is a monumental shift in world politics. We always knew they had discipline, experience, and substance abuse issues in the ranks, but I don’t think anyone credible predicted a complete paper tiger.

  12. Those things are wicked damn loud.

  13. We will immediately re-name it the CF-135, just be confusing.

  14. The mass adoption of the F-35 is ensuring it will be the last manned fighter the West will produce. At least it’s not Boeing’s guppy-face alternative.

  15. Canada: We don’t want F-35s anymore, we have F/A-18s. Hell, we even just bought out the Aussie’s old stock as spares.


    Canada: Oh ok, we’ll buy some F-35s.

  16. Is there truly such thing as air superiority if we are all flying the same aircraft? Does it not then just come down to pilot ability?

  17. BASED

  18. From what I know Canada was actually really thinking about the euro fighter typhoon to be used as a replacement jet within the next few year despite them being in the jsf program it would appear that they changed their mind with the current situation in Russia.

  19. Can it fly in the rain yet?

    Edit: OMG, it was joke you uptight wankers.

  20. My biggest concern with the F-35 is how it compares to other multirole fighters.

    Not saying it’s bad, just interested in how it holds up in terms of speed, maneuverability, weapon payload/capacity, all that good stuff.

    If it’s legitimately good then hey, all the better.

    Edit: Especially how it compares to what it’s replacing – if it’s replacing anything.

  21. Good luck guys

  22. Wait, didn’t Trudeau sewer the contract a couple years back? Are we back in?

  23. A quick question. Is Turkey back again to Joint Strike Program. I see turkey’s flag on the side of the jet along with other EU countries

  24. Huh? Turkish flag still there? Or the photo is old

  25. Wonder what it came down to between F-35, Super Hornet, and Gripen

  26. For the second time

  27. Is it still causing issues with development?

  28. Why do they need this when they have no external threat.

  29. With so many battle experience and missions under its belt, the F35 is an obvious choice for every country

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    Miserable-Market1334 March 29, 2022 at 3:42 pm

    Title should be : Canada the 16th country being ripped off by the F35 program !

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