1. Because we are not in the same team.

  2. People who run into a fight without team mates and then call me a pussy for looking for a gun can go to hell

    Edit: and those who run off while teammates are still looting mid game and die

  3. Because I pinged a landing spot and despite there being multiple other places to land you still dropped on me.

  4. Even worse is when you get a whole squad wipe by yourself and the teammate that did absolutely nothing with 25 damage comes and takes all the best loot before you even get to heal.

  5. Because typically it’s someone not on my team and unfortunately for me they have inspector Gadget arms and grab the gun from under my face from the complete other end of the pill.

  6. Especially on arenas like do you really need ALL the heals -.-

  7. Because I am friends with them

  8. Just play as Loba and laugh as they switch directions to your black market. Then proceed to take purple everything.

  9. Because they do not care about teammates .
    Most of them die even when they are fully kitted

  10. Idk about you guys but it always used to be octanes and wraiths that did it but recently I’ve been with so many bloodhound loot goblins

  11. *Yoink*

  12. Because they wanna rush straight into the nearest fight and want all the good stuff first. Then bitch at you for not following and that you’re still looting.
    Looking at you, you purple armoured Octane!!

  13. They get dropped because they rush in Rambo style. Then scream “pick me up” as you’re trying reset.

  14. me monkey, me see bin – me pick stuff, mmmmmmmm, MONKEY

  15. I want to know too 😤

  16. some people just want to watch the world burn…or they really needed the mozimbique, a cell, and a thermite lmao

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    UnderstandingRight39 March 29, 2022 at 3:59 pm

    I find that infuriating. I have had people take purple armour from me, gold backpacks etc. Maddening. I wait until the person who opened it walks away before I scrounge.

  18. Lmfao at the replies

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    BigMacWitExtraCheese March 29, 2022 at 3:59 pm

    “Relax bro, it’s just a game”

    I hate these people so much and I won’t even lie if you do it to me for 3 or 4 loot boxes in one game I’m gonna teabag you if you’re down, I’m ruining the game for the both of us.

  20. Those are clearly not teammates those are assholes that are only out for themselves

  21. I main octane. I have a duty to keep the stereotypes alive.

  22. Because I’m the main character

  23. I mark where I’m going and you land there with me and I want to reach though the screen to slap you

  24. “Because fuck em that’s why”
    – randoms probably

  25. oh, i got a really nice team mate (pathfinder), who didnt leaved 0 Ammo and he was always pinnging i need light ammo, like bruh, i can see your ammo on the screen and u got 400 bullets, so i choose to give a kill as present to somebody, and i let me kill, and his pretext was i took his kills, but i think i did more damage than him, and i got only 10 bullets for my weapon, go hell those looters, go back and play fortnite if u play like that

  26. Especially on arenas like do you really need ALL the heals -.-

  27. I try not to. But for every time I have, i apologize

  28. Bro I’ve had this happen to me so many times that I’ve become good at boxing. I’ve literally went 3 minutes in a hotdrop without a gun. Ended with 220 damage my team ended with max of 80. In my opinion boxing is easier than dealing with loot goblins. There needs to be a delay of like 1 second when looting just so others can grab loot as well

  29. Wait until you are alone interacting with MRVN and right when you hit the purple drop, your teammates suddenly appear and loot everything before you can even inspect.

  30. Same with idiots that loot an entire enemy box even though they didn’t hit them with one single shot and you killed a whole team.

  31. I think it’s something genetically wrong with them. Like if you take everything good from your team…. How can you possibly be mad they don’t hit shots?

  32. I Solo que, I try not to do it, but I don’t really care if it happens to me … Only time I care is when it’s a really strong item, like if I open a Supply Bin and in it is a purple armor .. if a teammate takes that item, I make a mental note that I will definitely not be rezzing that dude specifically if he falls… It’s petty, I may become a rat for that game and have to leave that fallen teammate, I mean it’s happened and the person cursed me to hell, and I’m not ashamed about it. I don’t like those kind of teammates.

  33. I do it to troll my friends, not gonna lie. Its a running joke amongst my friends. Its a fight for whoever gets the better loot lol. It started because for whatever reason they would all land at the same spot. So since we are fighting for the same loot, I’m taking whatever I can so I can get to the next fight. The only thing I wont take is a second gun, if they dont have one. But shields, Backpacks, and attachments? To the victor goes the spoils.

    For random that land and loot building that I pinged, I am taking everything I can, minus a second gun. Because I pinged this place for me, not you, gtfo.

  34. THANK YOU! This is probably one of my biggest Apex pet peeves, and I never see people post about it

  35. Because they are assholes and then more times than not, run off and die instantly while shit talking how trash you are for not reviving them.

  36. Nothing like dropping hot and then having your teammate take every gun and all of the ammo. A guy yesterday picked up Mastiff and R-99 from his bin and still took the heavy ammo I needed for the wingman I found in mine.

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