1. She looks like an ad.

  2. r/historymemes post of op’s Gramma inventing a new sauce

  3. Grandpa Willy. Worked in a toll booth.

  4. lovely pic ! 😊

  5. Adorable pic, your grandma is beautiful!

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    MosesAndSandyKoufax March 29, 2022 at 9:27 pm

    Is that a wall mounted meat grinder?

  7. Kitchen layout has changed so much. I can’t imagine working with so little space anymore. When I moved out of City apartments that had about 2 square feet of prep space, I couldn’t believe how much easier it was.

    Just think about your Grandma making Christmas Dinner!

  8. Wor-wah-werchesoter sauce

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    BoiledCarrotsIGuess March 29, 2022 at 9:27 pm

    Please don’t take offense, but this is very r/uncannyvalley worthy

  10. Grandma’s apron game is strong.

  11. Love the cover over the stove for added space and the sunbeam mixer (like the one my Grandmother had)

  12. Where in Worcester?

  13. Original Worcester or new world Worcester?

  14. Saucy!

  15. Back when women were women.

  16. ur grandma had some tits

  17. She looks geetered out

  18. She looks geetered out

  19. Mmmmm boiled goose

  20. That’s a super cute apron

  21. Why are there two coffee makers?

  22. Also had family, my grandmother, living in the the Worcester area for many years.

  23. An efficiency* apartment.

    (requires fewer steps)

  24. We had that mixer. What a workhorse.

  25. I bet that stove is still in that apartment too

  26. What a radiant smile

  27. Grandma was coked up. Lol.

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