1. Comedy Central should organize a roast of Will Smith hosted by Chris Rock and Jeff Ross

  2. Lmao Smith was fine with being publically castrated by his wife but the second another dude makes a joke he loses it.

  3. When your marriage is hollow because she actively simps for 2Pac to this day, you pull shit like slapping comedians instead of divorcing the toxic person.

  4. Also why is everyone acting like alopecia is some horrible disease? You bald a little big deal

  5. Nice. No whining about Hollywood elites, no imaginary what-if scenarios. Supporting a colleague simply and efficiently.

  6. Will Smith’s bitch ass overreaction was so stupid that I didn’t even know til 20 mins ago that he actually won an Oscar for best actor last night.

    What a manchild.

  7. Jeff Ross is the meanest motherfucker on a stage. His level of brutality is legendary. His voice and delivery soften the words but God Damned can he rip. Love that guy!

  8. The reason why smith reacted like this is because he thinks that it’ll gain respect in Jadas eyes.

    Don’t forget that smith was cheated on and now he’s a cuck.

  9. You know the joke was funny when Will Smith slaps The shit out of you

  10. Imagine if they followed this advice and gave Chris Rock a Nobel peace prize

  11. For all the people who support Will Smith: you don’t see a slippery slope here? Violence against jokes you don’t like?

  12. Chris Rock is a legendary performer. He has one of the most underrated careers in Hollywood.

    His breakout role as Pooky could have easily typecast him. But he has shown just how good he is by having a prolific career in comedy and drama, as well as his business career as producer and writer, etc.

    That man is a professional on all levels.

    Fuck Will Smith.

  13. I’ve never been a, “Comedy is under attack,” person but the Will Smith response is making me rethink that.

    I’ve seen tons of people defending Will Smith on Twitter and it makes me feel like I’m in the Twilight zone. Battery is battery, you can’t pick and choose what’s a crime based on if you support it. Responding to a joke with a crime shouldn’t be the subject of debate.

    Will Smith immortalized a joke that everyone would have forgotten about 10 minutes later. A joke that Chris Rock may have not even written himself, the Oscar’s have a writing team IIRC. Horrible representation for the black community. The lack of punishment is a shining example of rich privilege. It sets a terrible precedent. I seriously am at a loss on how anyone is on Smith’s side.

  14. Comedy is off limits. If you can’t take a joke, at least be a man and swallow your pride and fake it.

  15. I have a very rare form of alopecia and miraculously have no hair loss.

    However I’m in an alopecia support group mostly full of women (it affects women like 99% of the time) and even *they* think Smith is the asshole here.

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    Excellent_Survey_336 March 29, 2022 at 11:50 am

    The boondocks have a great episode that covers this in detail.

  17. I get not enjoying the joke, especially when Chris said “and that’s the nice one” seemingly hinting that he could have went harder on them, but man what a cuck!

  18. “put his arm around her and let rock finish..”. hmm

  19. Honestly rock should get a Nobel peace prize for not even coming at him with the real jokes on Jada after the slap.

  20. Joe thought he was watching planet of the apes

  21. It’s good Will Smith is defending his relationship.

    ***His wife’s next husband hasn’t been born yet.***

  22. what a pussy

  23. Isn’t Jeff the Roast guy?

  24. Screw that pathetic cuck will Smith. I wish all the comedians at the Oscars teamed up and put the boots to him.

  25. I can’t tell if this is a joke or if Jeff Ross has really gone full bitch mode.

  26. joe rogan going to have a really hard time deciding between “it’s just a joke bro” to “our primal instincts that have put us into tribal groups take over in these situations to be warriors”

  27. Lmao he cried?

  28. So if someone insults your wife you have the expectation and the right to carry out violence against the perpetrator?

  29. I served in the military with a dude who had alopecia and always told him he should get into doing drag.

  30. Bro cried when cris rock got slapped?

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    uSeeSizeThatChicken March 29, 2022 at 11:50 am

    The joke was perfectly acceptable because it was not about her hair (alopecia). It was about her shaved head.

    If her hair was long and patchy then a joke about it would have been wrong.

  32. ”’It isn’t me, it’s the media. The media has distorted my image to make me look bad.’ Please…When I go to the Comedy Store at night, I’m not looking over my shoulder for the media. I’m looking for Will Smith.” – Chris Rock, probably

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