1. “Maybe I’ll just give up on standing! Oh, and maybe I’ll just give up on language:


  2. Duh Doy

  3. Annie is essentially GLADOS from Portal. “That’s you! That’s how dumb you sound!”

  4. “I’d like to slap THOSE buns on the grill!”

  5. What’s wrong with me if that’s hot?

  6. “We’ll you’re just a good grade in a tight sweater”

  7. I used to do that to my little brother years ago to defuse an argument into laughter.

    I’d say something over the top and exaggerated and then finish with ‘That’s what you say’.

    Good times

  8. Mocker is a mock locker. Did Troy deserve to be mock locked inside a mocker?

  9. Ugh!

  10. It’s so Annie to explain what she’s doing after mocking someone. She even tries too hard at mocking people

  11. Good God Annie Alison Brie was SO beautiful…

    Every time I’m amazed.

  12. blammie blu murmer…. that’s you OP

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