1. Gojo is no wimp. A wimp wouldn’t have been able to do what he did with the Shizuku-tan cosplay.

    My dude just has a big heart, and plenty of losers interpret that as a weakness.

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    Aggressive-Might7156 March 29, 2022 at 8:50 pm

    Why were people calling him a wimp?

  3. What’s with the claims that Gojou is a wimp?

    Granted he is socially inept, a recluse and interacts awkwardly (which might not sit well with some viewers?) but it’s because he focuses more on his interest of crafting dolls; he doesn’t want to get ridiculed for having a weird passion.

    The trauma Gojou had in childhood molded him into the person he is, I guess he doesn’t want to try to socialize and break out of his bubble out of fear of ruining the mood even though the story didn’t imply that in high school he was bullied and made out to be an outcast (not necessarily). Gojou’s ineptness is the main flaw of his character.

    With that being said, he’s a respectful, strong-willed, down-to-earth, hard-working man who puts lots of effort, passion and heart into his crafts (the work on cosplay costumes) while gradually overcoming his adversities (esp his social ineptness) and changing for the better throughout the story.

    I don’t think that makes him a wimp at all, in fact those positive qualities are something to be appreciated and prove that he’s a great sport.

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    Bubbly_Security_1464 March 29, 2022 at 8:50 pm

    Bro ain’t a wimp, he’s just got some anxieties to work through

  5. If he’s a wimp, then I wanna be every bit as wimpy as him.

  6. I’m sad that people looked down at Gojo. He is someone many people can aspire to. The man is extremely skilled and talented, a hard worker and kind hearted. He’s someone who you actually want to be.

  7. Wimp? nah, just shounen-bois and their weird standards of fictional masculinity again.

  8. Lmao i wish i was half as passionate and determined as he is. Not to mention my boy can cook and sew.

  9. How do you think he would feel knowing he was #1 for most of the season? Man if you thought the >! Pageant arc!< was good for his character could you imagine?

  10. He ain’t the guy from rent of girlfriend now that guy a loser gojou is way better then that entire sad anime

  11. Fun Fact: Cosplayers who watched this show say that someone like Gojou irl would be so absurdly high on the food chain that even calling him a gigachad would be a serious understatement.

  12. Literally their dynamic would be half as interesting he didn’t have his personality. He’s endearing and relatable, and also the prefect compliment to Marin.

  13. Yup, Won in the end, for 8 weeks in a row.

  14. Wimp?! My man gojo made 3 girls happy by making cosplay that will fit 100%. He knew that since he knows how it feels wanting to be happy by doing the stuff he loves. Thats just plain hate of ppl.

  15. Gojo is a massive wimp, Said every insecure guy

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    Intrepid_Quit_1044 March 29, 2022 at 8:50 pm

    Yo who say Gojo’s a wimp this man is the chaddest of them all

  17. Gigagojo

  18. People call him a wimp because he didn’t jump on Marin on ep1. pfft.

  19. that’s the effect of its anime adaptation; the manga portrayed Wakana earnestly

  20. Gojo ?! Our ain’t no WIMP. He’s a champ

  21. He won because he got practical skills and technically a high moral standard.

    I would choose this wimp all day over some harass-women-as-a-joke on screen. Men should have the decency to not even touch underwear.

  22. Being introvert=wimp

    What kind of mindset is that?i swear to god this people who call gojo wimp are wimps themselves

  23. Wtf do people mean by a wimp

    Dude’s an actual chad

  24. What dumbass called him a wimp?

  25. No way he got number 1 he’s alright but damn

  26. Isn’t it sad that a decent, hardworking human that’s respectful towards women is considered a wimp?

    Sure, he has insecurities and is hindered by social anxiety at times. But find me someone who isn’t.

    Also, he’s consistently shown that he can overcome these issues. And he has enough self-awareness and introspection to grow from these experiences.

    Some people just can’t appreciate character development and write off people so easily.

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