1. Look man I try to make realistic alternate history scenarios.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of people who say “Japan is nice to visit, but I don’t want to live there.” What if Japan’s socioeconomic issues could be more reformed so that it is a better place to live and work in?

    [Here’s my proposal](https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/a-longer-night-a-brighter-sunrise-more-reforms-in-post-war-japan-wwii-apologies-work-culture-civil-rights-no-bubble-economy-digital-tech.514489/).

    (I also made [something more exaggerated/silly but with more visuals](https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Hatsunia))

  3. Japan? Overcoming its social issues? Now that’s too unrealistic of an alternate timeline even for me.

  4. Glowing eyes Drake: Pre-war Japan gets the military under control and becomes a strong constitutional monarchy like Britain.

  5. This actually sounds really cool and interesting, honestly I wish there were more smaller reform based alt history stories

  6. The problem with the entire war crime denial is that many of those who did (including some members of Hirohito’s own family) were members of the higher hierarchy and nobility, who used whatever influences they have left to deny any such thing occured. And the U.S, wanting to have a powerful ally in Japan against the USSR, just let it be, while it continues to shove the entire war crime guilt into the Germans.

  7. I too would enjoy a communist Japan

  8. Interesting, I think I’ll give it a read

  9. This is a good timeline a timeline where Japanese people aren’t proud about ww2 (I know that’s not the majority but it’s still way to much in Japan at this point) a world where Japan isn’t nearly as xenophobic a timeline where I still wouldn’t move to Japan

  10. To be fair the new PM is looking to bring in some reforms, I’m skeptical based on what friends have told me but also interested that he may do something.

  11. I wonder, how many scenarios are there where the Edo/Sakoku period does not take place, especially focusing on the social consequences. Like instead closing off their country, Japan becomes a power in the 17th and 18th century instead.
    I saw a few with Japanese colonies in Korea or the Amur regions, but what are the social consequences. The prolonged isolation and self-containment of the Edo period shaped a lot of the social conventions now in place, including the xenophobia.
    Taking Korea prooved unsuccessful and I doubt that Japan would have first expanded north. They might have tried taking some islands in the Pacific or the Philippines from the Spanish.
    The Nihonmachi alone could have served as basis for a more cosmopolitan Japanese nation which had oversea influence all over East and South East Asia. A lot of that influence could have backchanneled to Japan. Japan would also have more contact with western nations, changing the Japanese language too.

  12. Japan finally fixed.

  13. I’d like to see a timeline in which Japan settles the American West from the Pacific coast, starting with a series of trading settlements stretching from Alaska down to Baja.

  14. Isn’t that basically TNO Japan

  15. Why are you removing all the best things though

  16. Gotta be honest that sounds boring and gay

  17. I want a “Japan was actually serious about being the core of global anticolonial resistance, and not just using it as a tool” alt history.

  18. Japan has bad social issues, but personally I don’t see xenophobia as an issue. It’s pretty fair tbh. They’re native to the land, they’re tightly packed, and they’re happy with being one culture.

  19. Quite riveting, there must be a book about it!

  20. Pre-WWI they were overcoming those issues until the military took over

  21. Maybe have it be an actual democracy as well

  22. Japan not taking Indochina and thus not doing a pearl Harbor would also be interesting. Because they’d lose in China, but they won’t lose their Imperialistic tendencies.

  23. If Japan won the war what incentive would they have to improve on these issues?

  24. As bad as Japan’s issues are, overcoming these ultimately wouldn’t change Japanese culture or Japanese culture that much. Maybe a two-party system couldve come in place with a proper left wing to challenge the LDP, but other than that it doesnt massively change anything.

    America meanwhile, and I say this as a non-American, is much more interesting. If it had overcome the issues of gun culture and oppressive labor policies, I suspect it had potential for a social democracy, in which it would truly be blessed. A social democratic USA is an idea i pine for.

  25. I would like to see Japan stays a democracy like in the 1920s

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