1. Everyone’s a pawn when there’s a bunny in the room.

  2. she won fair and square

  3. An effective and well-thought-out strategy 👍🥰

  4. A little known rule of chess is that if you gnaw the opponent’s King down to the size of a pawn, you win not only that game, but also all subsequent games.

  5. Lil bun got hungry and the pawn looked real tasty!

  6. Smart move little bun

  7. Tiny ball of fuzz to G2

  8. Play smarter, not harder!

  9. “I move my bunny to D12, checkmate!”

    ^(*Note, I know nothing about chess)

  10. Lovely little furball!

  11. She’s like an amoeba swallowing her opponent!

  12. Brilliant strategy. I never tried that.

  13. Reply
    commanderofbunnies March 30, 2022 at 1:20 am

    Aaand that’s a checkmate!

  14. So friggin cute!

  15. It is adorable![img](emote|t5_2riv8|8712)

  16. it is very soft and cute

  17. omg what a beautiful floof!!

  18. That’s my strategy too

  19. Never play Chess with a rabbit, it will chew on the enemy pieces so then are none left, then believe that its won, then just stare at you demanding attention.

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