1. r/greatgrandmaismetal

  2. Ooof horrible way to go, hopefully dies before something decides to eat it

  3. Grandma has no chill. I love it.

  4. I think I would’ve killed the poor raccoon, or try to enlarge the hole if it can be done safely (for myself and for the tree). Dammit grandma don’t leave the poor thing like that! Unless it’s already dead. Then put a timelapse camera on it, I wanna see.

  5. “Guess the Buzzards will get him out lol” has me dying

  6. What are you doing step Gam Gam?

  7. She uses vaaaaaaseline

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    Illustrious-Fault224 March 29, 2022 at 8:52 pm

    I was kind of waiting for a _bandit in the butthole_ remark but there wasn’t…I should probably get my self off Reddit…

  9. Tell grandma to post more updates on this

  10. Your grandma sounds like a nice person….

  11. Damn Gam Gam, you savage

  12. Never seen a grandma type like that before

  13. The buzzards, lol

  14. kinky ass raccoon

  15. help step-grandma, I’m stuck :’>

  16. Great-grandma? What are you, like 8 years old?

  17. lol

  18. A hillbilly would have that in a skillet, but grandma ain’t no country bum.

  19. The “lol”

  20. There are 2 knarly points here.. 1) that you know your great gma AND 2) great grandma is on social media!! Nature is metal!!

  21. That lol at the end lol

  22. Grandma is metal

  23. r/natureneedsvaseline

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