1. Through the fire and flames she carries on

  2. Reed is the definition of, **”PLEASE DON’T BURN ME TO THE GROUND.”**

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    Psychological_Fee722 March 29, 2022 at 6:15 pm

    Ah so she’s not ignited by burning desire then

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    Bug-Type-Enthusiast March 29, 2022 at 6:15 pm

    I cannot understate how freaking terrifying of a power this girl have. She’s basically >!a living tissues only version of Tetsuo!< from Akira.

    ~~This also means it’s basically impossible to be *deeply* kinky with her, even with her consent, until she gets a grip over her powers. Sorry simps.~~

    P.S: If you didn’t watch or read Akira… THE FUCK YOU DOING HERE GO DO IT NOW.

  5. I mean she’s is pretty smoking hot .

  6. Dont forget that she’ll bear anything for the sake of your future together ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Environmental_Top621 March 29, 2022 at 6:15 pm

    Blaze: My blood can be hot

    Reed: *Oh yeah? Can you make your flesh hot too? Huuuuh?*

  8. I’m pretty sure that’s how Parasite Eve starts too

  9. spontaneous human combustion?

  10. Talk about heart burn literally

  11. She was already on fire before getting Oripathy, so what did change for her? I thought it was her rock cancer turning her to a walking kiln but aparently that was not the case…

  12. I’m sure it works like a Rapidash and they wouldn’t burn if she trust me *3rd degree burns later* This just means she doesn’t trust me that’s all.

  13. Thats similar to gambits power

  14. She’s just a girl and she’s on FIRE!!!

  15. I still don’t understand how she works for Dublin and RI at the same time. Maybe my brain flat can someone explain?

  16. I wonder if these growing tissue Arts are also present in the rest of pureblood Dracos.

    *I said pureblood Dracos, Talulah doesn’t count*

  17. Put her against Talulah.

    See which one burns hotter.

  18. No, Skyfire. She’s ignited by a burning desire.

  19. Yes, I’m on fire!
    Ignited by a burning desire!

  20. Makes you wonder what her sister can do assuming it’s that but stronger.

    Edit: That said, I welcome another dragon boss after Talulah.

  21. This is also why she is so hot :3

  22. It’s ironic since skyfire do the same unintentionally

  23. ok but why is she doing it to herself

  24. I always think of her as a Charizard, if the flame in her tail’s gone, she dies. Idc if it isn’t lore accurate

  25. Do all women’s burn people to death?

    Since this gott’ be the fifth or bloody tenth woman that van burn people to ash…

  26. Yes she’s on fire. Ignite by a burning desire.

  27. With Arts like that, she basically has the potential to generate biological horrors beyond our comprehension.

  28. Thats pretty cool but my two big questions are: how is she maintaining her own body? if her flesh or tissue is whats being rapidly ignited when she’s on fire it would seem extremely painful and life threatening to have that performed on yourself since the body is the mandatory fuel source

    And secondly, can she control the flames to an enhanced degree after the fire appears or is there just a flesh/tissue ring around her that also shapes wings? I suppose it could just be the art adding extra style for flare but I’m genuinely curious

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