1. I would love to see a movie about Vader hunting Jedi, and half the movie is just murder porn like this.

    Basically the ‘Fear and dead men’ meme in movie format.

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    GuitarWithARedditAcc March 29, 2022 at 11:36 am

    Me, a codm player: Well yes but actually no, but mostly yes

  3. Yes, it‘s still a prequel

  4. If it takes place before Episode IV it alright

  5. Where’s the POV part?

  6. Can someone explain the “Chinese guy joining the enemy team” part of this?

  7. They really did an amazing job with this scene. It conveyed the terror the average person would have facing a Jedi much better than the original films.

    Yeah I said it.

  8. you’re using the pov meme wrong

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    Dancethroughthefires March 29, 2022 at 11:36 am

    Greatest scene in Star Wars history if you ask me. That whole movie was great, but goddamn, the last half? It was like Saving Private Ryan meets Star Wars.

    Then this scene pops up? Holy fuckin shit. This is my favorite Star wars movie, judge me if you want, but it’s just so goddamned intense.

  10. Until his CCP-mandated 1 hr per week of gaming is up.

  11. Next time replace POV: with when

    As this isn’t using POV correctly

  12. This is the best scene from any star wars film

  13. It’s not “technically” a prequel. Literally 0 seconds of it take place during the OT

  14. Can someone get the save video bot

  15. I mean sorta but even if it wasn’t this would still get a pass.

  16. Honestly, I don’t believe for 1 second that Darth Vader is undefeated at all. I would love to see a series on the early days of Darth Vader getting defeated because of technical skill, weakness in his suit or environment.

    It could be as simple as a group effort where a stray shot hits his suit’s stabilizers causing malfunctions and hence allowing him to rely purely on the dark side of the force, but still collapsed due to overuse. Then he is saved by a native where Vader became Anakin again. But due to machinations of the other villains, Anakin is forced to wear the helmet again and become Vader once more.

    It is so much more interesting than just portray him as the boogie man through and through.

  17. Just spam “free Taiwan free Hong Kong free Tibet Tiananmen square massacre” and badabing no more Chinese player

  18. It’s a sequel to the prequel but a prequel to the sequel

  19. Not true anymore, they have a limit of like 2 hours of gaming a week and only on the weekends

  20. Just mention the tiananmen square thing that totally never happened in chat and he is gone.

  21. pov: a youtuber with high specs and pro skills has joined the game

  22. We admit Rogue One to the council, but do not grant it the rank of prequel

  23. Why do Chinese players always have crazy hacks? Do hackers have an in joke about pretending to be Chinese or do the Chinese just have the goods

  24. Whenever a player with Chinese name appears in a BF1 public lobby, I quit. And I live in Hong Kong so I have to quit 90% of the public lobbies I join

  25. Me: please have mercy

    Asian kid: there is no mercy

  26. The diamond smurf joining my bronze lobby

  27. It genuinely confuses me how there were people who weren’t smiling like complete idiots when they saw this scene.

  28. u/savevideobot

  29. Man it has sequels footage literally in it, blasphemy

  30. This scene was fantastic. I’m glad it became a meme.

  31. Asian players are usually lagging all over the place.

  32. The real father not the grandpa from the classic movies 😂

  33. Just mention the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, problem solved.

  34. Usually the Chinese gamers I see aren’t very good players. What has your experience been?

  35. I’ve always wondered if he could’ve just force grab the guy since he didn’t seem too far from him.

  36. Y’know the yellow text that scrolls at the beginning of A New Hope? *Rogue One* is that text, expanded out to a movie. I think that’s why it’s the first (only? Can’t remember about *Solo*) SW movie that doesn’t have a yellow text scroll.

  37. It is a prequel because it’s about the events leading up to the first film.

    You know, like the definition of a prequel

  38. It’s a prologue. Literally the yellow text to A New Hope

  39. Jokes on you I mostly play dota 2 where we europeans dominate the scene

  40. u/savevideobot

  41. I just noticed the Hallway scene is technically an Amphibia reference doh

  42. Fuck I forgot how badass this part was

  43. Nah man, Chinese have separated servers on most games nowadays

  44. It’s a prequel, so yes.

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    UserNamesAreTaken69 March 29, 2022 at 11:36 am

    Stop asking that enormous dumd mother fucking question, Is rOgUe OnE a PrEqUeL?
    Is it before new hope? Yes, than its a prequel.

  46. And then he suddenly goes off because of the gaming limitation in China

  47. A spin-off

  48. This scene was so dope

  49. I kinda wish they would redo the lightsaber fights in the original trilogy…

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